Thursday, March 26, 2009

Excuse me, how do I get to Fredericton?

So Fredericton is the capital of New-Brunswick.... ( I think ) but even though I am born and raised in New Brunswick, I have somehow only managed to go to Fredericton twice in my entire 25 years of existence.

Once for a high school drama festival. I pretty much only saw the UNB campus. The second time was for an hour and I only went as far as the passport office (Papacita waited until last minute to apply for a passport)

So naturally, I'm very excited that I'm travelling there tomorrow for the weekend! *"Travelling" - I know I make it sound as though I'm leaving the country. Do you think I should bring my passport?

I wanted to find a Fredericton picture to use in this post however my google images search results didn't quite deliver. Among several pointless Fredericton pictures (including a sign that said Fredericton Junction - is that Fredericton? Or somewheres entirely different?) THIS gem appeared.

Apparently this kid is someone important
in Fredericton nowadays. Next time
you think of Fredericton - think of this face.

So I have a tiny mental list of places I would like to see while in Fredericton - including the Legislature Building. It looks pretty and I'm sure Pocket Edward would look very authoritative in front of it.

Anywho, my darling Leeman who I am going to visit and stay with this weekend suggested we stop by the art gallery to admire the beautiful Dali painting they have on display.

Dali... WHAT?

Only one thing comes to mind.

Maybe I can remember that special
moment with Leeman when I uncomfortably
watch RPatz giving it to a guy from behind
in 'Little Ashes'

Anyway, Pocket Edward is very excited for his travels in the AM. He's actually ready, keys in hand to go now - and its 1:41am.

OK. Time for sleep.

One last thing. I totally bought my GQ magazine today with my RPatz on the cover. Pocket Edward admired it all night and couldn't understand why the face on the cover looked SO familiar.

GOD he is beautiful. Nuff said.


JoJo said...

Have fun in freddy, walking downtown is fun (its really all freddy has haha)

Anonymous said...

Hhaha dude, if I didn't live here I would be right with you on the only been here twice thing, and that was for swim competitions.

Can't wait for you to get you ass here!!!...I have to admit I'm even looking forward to some Pocket Edward photo shoot action :P


Lauren said...

I just LOLed at the "keys in hand" picuture!!

Ashley said...

When you wrote "God he is beautiful", I just know you meant your Pocket Edward. GQ Edward can't hold a candle to him!