Thursday, June 4, 2009

Announcing a Post that does NOT feature anything Twilight-related


So was I.

But I DO love things OTHER than Twilight.

First off.

RIP David Carridine
this totally saddened me to hear this when I woke up today.
I mean, he was the Bill in Kill Bill


this creeps me out.
I have a hard time looking at this cause its crazy.
Robert Downey Jr. Javier Bardem Jeffrey Dean Morgan
someone has some explaining to do


Carter from Gossip Girl
you're pretty much the only OTHER person
I was ok with Blair hooking up with.
Cause you're pretty smokin' hot.


I totally love Hayden Christensen
I also totally love Rachel Bilson
Which is why I love these pics of them in France

They actually look, normal?

so so so cute
matching Lacoste shirts
may I have one?

Hayden you should pop the collar more often.
I'm like picturing your hand grazing my back like that.


I may hate Tom Cruise.
Not even a big fan of Katie Holmes cause
well, she bangs Tom Cruise
I love love love Suri
And as someone on ohnotheydidnt pointed out.
I love that Katie thinks this mess is cute.
Kate Gosselin would be freaking the hell out.

Things going on in this picture:
-Zac Efron on set of Entourage
-Jeremy Piven looking jacked.
-Zac Efron looking muy caliente in aviators
-Me wishing I was that kid.

That is all!

See I can do a non-twilight related post after all.

However just for good measure I give you THIS.

Because what Twihard doesn't want to see this?
Like every day.
A thousand times a day.

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Anonymous said...

note to self start buying lacoste polos, going to Roland Garros thats where the beautiful women hang out.. that and small mexican eaterys.. and i hope ari punches zac efron or calls him a M fo in the episode only the way Ari Gold can. another note to self become ari gold, thanks for the great tips crystal...