Sunday, June 7, 2009

I love love love my friends

Can I just say that I have the most fantastic friends a girl could ever ask for?

In particular, one of the most fantastic best guy friends a girl could ever ask for?

Not only did he score me my actual copy of Twilight on blu-ray a week before it was even released in stores...

But he got me................



Incase you are confused
THIS is the latest New Moon poster to be released.
THAT is my bedroom wall.
THAT is my Pocket Edward.
THIS is why I have one of the most wonderful best guy friends.
Like EVER.

Even more exciting is the fact that its a theatre release poster NOT something you can buy in stores. In fact, when you look at the back side, its a mirror image which only further demonstrates its authenticity.
How much do I love love love my life and my bestest friends?

I should also add that one of the girls at work last night who I love (and who is also sort of dating Pocket Edward) gave me her Life&Style with a whole Rob & KStew expose inside. As well as tons of hot Italy half-naked Rob pics that are totally going to be stuck on my mirror now like only a thirteen year old fan girl would do.


Seriously Rob.
Are you really 23?
Or are you just kidding us?
Cause really you look like a hot hot gorgeous MAN
in this picture.
Just sayin.

ps: you're freaking gorgeous and I love you


The beautiful Ashley Green in Berlin

Seriously can we be best friends?
Get back to me about that?

So so pretty.
I totally have a major girly crush on you.
Just so you know.


Anonymous said...

firstly, ashley and i are bff's you should probably be jealous.

secondly, did you see the picture in that life&style of bellas scar? ooh, so sparkly!

thirdly, i was lying about me and ash being the best of friends and all that. its only in my dreams. :(

Chris said...

That picture of RPatz actually looks eerily similar to some of Pocket Edward that I've seen. Particularly a shot of P.Ed (that's right, that's how I'm choosing to abbreviate it!) partying at the club!