Thursday, June 11, 2009

Potential Lack of Blogging Warning

Sometimes I like to think of myself as having two wonderful men in my life....

This one:

This one:

However BOTH don't conveniently fit inside my pocket as easily.

Human Boyfriend would
struggle to fit even half
of his foot in this pocket.

So naturally, my lovely human boyfriend can't be with me every waking minute of every single day like Pocket Edward is fortunate enough to be. Plus, he sort of has a job and makes money (something I really wish Pocket Edward would look into so he can start contributing) and oh yeah, he lives 2.5 hrs away.

Well he's visiting for the next couple of days so I may be lacking in blog posts.

I apologize.

BUT there is a hockey game on Friday night at 9pm that I will be forced to observe so there's a very good chance I will post again then and who knows, Pocket Edward might get on here and do his own thing for once.


Shannon said...

I need to get myself a pocket edward, i need edward with at all times

C r y s t a l said...

haha they really are the greatest.

My co-workers even ASK for him to come in to work so they can carry them in their pouches to their tables! He greets customers all the time. hehe

Welcome to my Blog Shannon!

Anonymous said...

Pocket Dan, if there was such a action figure would the two battle it out for supremacy??

Ashley said...

Haha Pocket Dan and Pocket Edward would look so much alike.

Anonymous said...

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