Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello Gorgeous

There's been a lot - I mean A LOT - of beautiful photos in the past week.

Did you really think I wouldn't post them?

You all know I have a major girly crush
on Ashley Greene.
I pretty much wish we were BFF.
Well I wanted to note:
she looked freakin fantastic in this dress.
Too bad we're not BFF.
Then maybe I could have borrowed it

I seriously cannot get enough of Remember Me
filming photos.
I'm like, in love with them.
Annddd I his subtle smiling at her in this photo

Is this not the cutest freaking thing
you have ever seen?
My ovaries totally just danced.

Hello Sexy
You don't even have to be doing anything
and you are the absolute sex.
Plus your little mini co-star is freaking adorable.

I know.
You miss KStew.
You're not missing much tho.
Her hair is pretty gross right now.

You make drinking coffee look like it should be in porn.

I can't even verbalize what this photo does to me.

I think this chick is gorgeous.
I'm not really a Lost fan.
I've seen it a few times.
I think she's fantastic on it.
I think I want her to also be my new BFF.
Plus, she's super hot with Rob.
And doesn't have a black mullet.
The End.


Ashley said...

Is Rob's fly open in the second-to-last picture??

Teehee :)

Jaydey17 said...

^Rob's fly open???? :0 I needa check tehehe . . . damn can't tell. Kinda looks like it :P

Awww, I love Ashley Greene. She is uber adorable. I think everyone wants to be BFFs with her lol

And those Rob pics are heaven!
Mmmmmmmm. And him in the possible-open-fly pic? He looks super-buff in that top! And those pics of him hanging out with that little girl are so adorable!


Chris said...

"My ovaries totally just danced" is probably my favourite line ever.

I cracked up seeing that. :)

Hope you're having a great time in Boston!