Friday, March 12, 2010

This is LONG overdue, I realize this...

So I haven't blogged in FOREVER.

I made a promise to never stop blogging. Well - I mean within reason. You know - the usual, I swear this is the last time take me to bliss goes on hiatus. So much for that.

So this time around, instead of promising to update frequently - which inevitably I will fail at.

Or promising to post a certain number of times a week - I hate deadlines, seriously

I am just going to announce that YES take me to bliss is BACK.

Because I realized recently that I have been missing out on A LOT of things that I would have been ALL OVER had I been regularly blogging.

Like this:

you know a post about THAT would have been FILLED
with *squee*s and *flails*s.
Let's be serious.

Oh and THIS:

Mark my words.
I will devote an entire post SOON to this dress.

Obviously THIS:

"Kristen - I promised Rob I'd keep you from throwing
a hoodie on over this dress and I want my $20 bucks"



But lucky for me, I didn't miss the boat entirely on that one. Because it's opening night and in less than three hours, I will be viewing THAT and *flailing* to THAT in a theatre.

And you get be sure, come hell or high water, there will be a post about THAT and all of the awesomeness that will be Remember Me tomorrow. Scouts honor. Even tho, I was never *actually* a Scout. But Girl Guide counts, right?

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