Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Saturday Night Rant

It's been awhile since take me to bliss has had a photo rant post. You know, I post random photos and rant about them.

Well it's a Saturday night and I have no life, so here we go!

So I've kinda been watching movies all evening. It's been one of those nights. It started with Captain Ron - obviously a classic early 90's comedy of epic greatness in my opinion. Followed by Old School on Peachtree - obviously a classic early 2000's comedy of epic greatness AND seriously butchered for censoring reasons. Now I'm in the process of watching Sleepers. Do you people remember this movie? For some reason unknown to me, I was dying to see this movie when it came out in 1996. I was twelve and my mom would NOT let me rent it. You have to understand, my mom let me rent (or rented for me in the case of R rated movies) EVERYTHING. She took me and the bestie to see all of those teen slasher flicks of our day, lying to the theatre staff that the bestie was her daughter. Yet she was bound and determined not to let me see this movie. I get it now - I really do. I was twelve and now I'm 26 and finally watching it. In a funny way, I feel very bad ass sitting here watching it because dad is in bed and mom is in Costa Rica.


Now - on to hotness.
Oh hai there Eric from True Blood. Have I mentioned how much you slay me on the show? Like ALL the time. You momentarily make me forget about Edward Cullen and Stefan Salvatore.

Speaking of True Blood and the sexiness that is Eric. This image from season three was released among others last week and I squealed. Seriously - is it June yet? It's seriously time for Sookie Stackhouse to realize while Bill may be the obvious best choice, she's young and she needs to open her mind and legs to OTHER sexier, vampires.

THIS photo came out last week and I've had it stored in my 'photos for blog' folder on my desktop since then. Waiting to post it. Thinking about what I wanted to say about it when I posted it. I've got nothing. All I have is this:


Dear Rob, You look fantastic with a wedding band. Perhaps you should consider getting married in real life so you can have one of your own to wear. You KNOW KStew would pick you out a wicked one. She has mad style when she wants to. So yeah - get that done. You never know when an asteroid could hit the earth.

first of all. Rob - you kill me. its random photos like these that seriously cause my heart to race because you look so REAL and NORMAL. Stewie - I love that you went to Budapest for your birthday. I have never had a desire to go to Budapest so for me to be all 'oh hai I'm gonna spend my 20th in Budapest' - fuck that. BUT if my boyfriend was Robert Pattinson, then yes, I think Budapest would be totes do-able. I bet you had all kinds of crazy birthday sex too, didn't you?

Lastly - I love this photo. And because this photo came out around the time everyone was obsessed with Rob's hair and dying to know his secret, in my little head, this is how this scene went down.
Rob: "The secret to my hair? *laughs* Really, I just don't wash it. At all.
Stewie: *mentalfacepalm* "Rob that's gross. Why do you say these things?
It makes me look like I have sex with a bum.

Ok I'm out. BUT I'm super looking forward to posting my week 1 working out mission update on Monday. Teaser? I think I may be addicted to working out so I think it's going good.


Ashley said...

Can't wait for True Blood!

June 13th! :D

Also, I moved my blog to livejournal! It's

Miss you tons! Can't wait to read the workout update!

Bloggin in PA said...

Ashley just said this but imma say it too, but with more emphasis.

Anonymous said...

I watched Sleepers when I was early teens. It gave me nightmares of being beaten by a circle of guys. HORRIFIED. I wish I'd of waited...


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