Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Recipe for An Epic Weekend.

This past weekend, I had what was quite honestly the BEST long weekend in May in my 26 years on the planet.

I would even use one of my favorite words in the world to describe it: Epic

But instead of telling you exactly why, let me give you the perfect recipe for an Epic Weekend.

Ingredients That You Will Need:
- An amazing batch of friends you will not find anywhere else
- One friend who has just returned from Australia for the first time in 2.5 yrs
- Martinis. Punch. Wine. Margaritas. Cervesas.
- 30 degree weather. Or for my American friends, 85 Fahrenheit +
- A Bride to Be
- A Baby Needing to be Baptised
- Incredible Food
- Wonderful Family
- A Beach
- A movie theatre showing The Runaways
- A Restaurant who's debit AND ATM are down
- A camera to capture every minute of it.
*substitutions are totally welcome and will surely spice up (or totally ruin) this recipe.

Note: This recipe requires four days before completion.

On the Friday, attend a casual bar who serve up delicious cocktails with your friends. Dish the dirt on who's traveling where, who's dating who, and who got laid last night.

I recommend the classic Cosmopolitan

On Saturday, attend a fabulous wedding shower for one of said amazing friends. Drink lots of delicious punch, toast to friendships, drool over her gifts, and secretly dream of your own wedding shower one day with a smile on your face.

boys come and go, friendship last forever

That night, have an impromptu get together at one of your friends chic flats, invite the boys, randomly make tacos for dinner, consume several bottles of wine, go on Chat Roulette, and download the T Pain app for the iPhone. Guaranteed good time.

especially when you have tweens swearing in sombreros

On Sunday, put on your best Sunday dress and attend a baptism. Take a moment in the church to be thankful for your blessings, even if you never go to church. Laugh over the cutesy babies wondering what on earth they're experiencing. Then go enjoy a delicious barbecue with family and friends complete with margaritas, sunshine, great food, and cupcakes.

the sunday best

That night, grab some friends and go see The Runaways. Devour popcorn and excitedly declare you want to start an all girl rockband. Sing along with 'Cherry Bomb'. Love the JettStew. Love the DakotaStew. Get shivers when 'Crimson & Clover' plays at the end.

crimson and clover... over and over...

On Monday, escape the heat, pack a beach bag and cruise to the coast.

Don't forget your hat and your sunscreen!

Get those toes into the sand, brave the chilly waters, and relax. The weekend's almost over.


Finish off the day at your favorite oceanside bar & grill with good friends, cold Coronas, and a debit & ATM system thats conveniently down, ending up with your meal and drinks magically becoming free. Karma is a beautiful thing.

you know whats not beautiful.
when this photo refuses to upload in the right direction.

And THAT my friends, is how you experience an Epic Long Weekend. This weekend is totally going to pale in comparison although there is wine tasting and Saturday night downtown during Beer Fest involved, so who knows.

LASTLY, because I would have dedicated an entire post to this but really wanted to share my real life weekend events with you all, I need to bring attention to the AMAZING photoshoot Kristen did for Elle UK.

And I don't think AMAZING really covers it.

you are lucky to be dating Rob.
Rob is lucky to have you.


I want this outfit.
And that is all.

Dear Rob, listen to Beyonce and put a ring on it. The Nonstens will get over it. Love, Me

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Jayde said...

Note to self: visit Crystal so I can have such an awesome fucking weekend!!
I seriously have no life. And all my friends tend to do shit together and leave me out. Yeh, it sucks.
They invite me some places but not everywhere :|
Anywho!! I'm maybeh heading to LA next Novemeber for the Breaking Dawn prem ;)SO hopefully I can visit! I've always wanted to visit Canada.