Friday, February 18, 2011

this might be the shortest post of LIFE

So I really suck at being brief.

I mean I really REALLY cannot for the the life of me be quick and to the point.

If held at gunpoint, I would probably be the idiot who runs her mouth off before getting shot to simply shut me the hell up. True Story.

Hopefully that never happens. If it does, well, remember this post and say 'she saw it coming'.

Where was I going with this?


I have a VERY hard time doing short posts but tonight - I'm going to succeed.

HOW you ask? First of all, this post only has three photos which is MAJOR downsizing for me.

Second, I need to learn how to do this because in less than two weeks, I will be leaving for two weeks to go to Hawaii and I would like to TRY and post at least once while on vacay. read: hide on our lanai sipping Mai Tai's and post some teaser trip photos, yes?

So tonight - I'm getting STRAIGHT to the point.

Scratch the Fanfic I had planned on rec'ing. It can wait until next week.

Let me tell you about one that you ALL need to get reading....


holy jesus woah

You all know the lovely, incredibly talented Cosmogirl7481. If you don't, we have a problem in which case I suggest you familiarize yourself with her and her insanely awesome fics RFN. If the name rings a bell, let me help you. She is the talent behind Retail Therapy and in collaboration with her 'soulmate and ficwife' Marvar29, they created the funniest fic I have EVER read: Love in my Box. In short? I have MAD love for Cosmo.

Am I surprised her newest fic Conversations Over Coffee has completely mindfucked me and owns me? Not.One.Bit.

Do I think about it constantly? Ummm yeah.

Is it interfering with my daily thought processes? Pretty much.

Do I care? Hell no.

Bella is a server in a dinner. Edward comes into said diner for coffee and pie every night at 7:00. They have conversations. That is seriously ALL I can tell you because really, aside from a few facts you'll soon learn for yourself because you will ALL go read this rightfuckingnow, that is ALL we know.

Because she is amazing like that, Cosmo posted a new chapter every morning this week. That's right.


Five Chapters. Five Days. I'm addicted.

Truth be told - I was addicted on Monday.

You will be too.

AND if you are having withdrawal from the epicness that was The Plan back in December - you should definitely be reading this fic. Seriously. The short chapters every day? PERFECTION.

then as per usual
Tweet Me. Email Me. Carrier Pigeon Me.
And tell me ALL about it.

And because I love you all and apologize for the brevity and lack of very much pretty in this post I leave you with two BEAUTIFUL images I stumbled upon tonight. xx

Kristen - you are just... gorgeous
And that is all.

Because @tiybor knows Robsten...
I send mad love her way.


elle said...

I'm LOVING this fic! It is all kinds of awesome reading with my morning coffee.

Can I just say that I am infinitely jealous of your Hawaii trip? Well... I AM! Hawaii has been my dream destination for FOREVER! I started making plans to go October 2011 for my birthday 2 years ago, and a short time ago I found out plans were falling threw & it was NOT going to be happening. *tear* & so it is being held off another year. I am SOO looking forward to seeing your pictures & hearing about your time there! I will live vicariously through your experience until I can have my own. :)

tiybor said...

I went and read the CoC fic and it really was cute! Thanks for the rec!

I hope you have a wonderful Hawaii trip - I've been once to Maui and it was something I'll always remember... hopefully I'll go back one day...

Thanks so much for perusing my lil ole tumblr and finding some sweetness there :)) I love to find the positive, joyful vibes you have here in this blissful place!

Jayde said...

MMmkay, I have about 6 fics I need to go read! Gah! I seriously need to just bite the bullet and pick one to read! Or you pick for me? Should I read this, SEI or The Plan first??? Decisions, decisions!!

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