Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the best I ever had

Remember that time an incredibly writer in the UK sat down and wrote a fanfiction story that would forever become one of the greatest stories I'd ever read?

And then from that moment on, I could never look at a certain hot actor hailing from the very land she came from, without picturing him as the character she envisioned him as so perfectly?

And THEN the universe basically delivered?


I'm saying it now.

Cosmopolis will be the death of me.

no dead kitties dont need baths

I know I said this about Remember Me.

I said it about Eclipse.

Damnit I said it about Water for Elephants.

And hey - in my defense I NEVER said it about Bel Ami. Does that save face?

close but no dice

But I do know for a fact, without even having read the book [which more than several of you have declared to be horrible], that Cosmopolis Rob WILL be the very end of me.

It was nice knowing you all. I loved you dearly

RL. Leaving Six Flags New England in my Wonderwoman cape.
Didn't want to leave.
Could have died happily that night.
Instead I drowned my sorrows in MacDonalds.

What might be even more shocking to learn, is that I live a mere 1.5 hour flight away from Toronto where Rob is currently filming Cosmopolis and Kristen has been sighted walking Bear, and where we could all be ONE BIG HAPPY AWKWARD FAMILY IN CANADA.........

awkward family photos FTW

Where was I?


The shocking truth is that I could have very easily flown up to toronto to sneak a peak of Rob at work read: set stalk, find him, lose my shit BUT I have managed to be responsible and not quit my job to go do so.


But when I see photos like these:


Yeah. It gets pretty freaking tempting.

And I know a lot of you hate the hair BUT I have prepared MY OWN official statement on the hair.

And that's that.
He'll be gorgeous.
Get over it.



I always go on and on about how rec'ing fics makes me EXTREMELY nervous because I always let the talented authors know of my intentions and then I'm petrified that I didn't do them justice. WELL. This time around, while I hope the incredible author behind this perfect fic is pleased - I'm a little more nervous about what the fic's NUMBER ONE FAN, will think.


I am very proud to be friends with the NUMBER ONE FAN of the fic I'm about to rec. So without further ado, I give one of my DEAREST friends' - the fabulous Kate - favorite fics of all time.

made by famouslyso

Yeah. I first remember when Kate began flailing over this fic and suddenly it became URGENT that I read it immediately. Seriously. She probably would have flown east and forced me to if I hadn't listened to her.

Good thing when it comes to fic - I ALWAYS LISTEN TO KATE.


And before I knew it, I'd fallen head over heels in LOVE with this fic.

And how could I not be?

chapter 7 - The Best I Ever Had

If you're looking for smutty and only smutty - STOP. You're not going to find a racy, steamy, squirm in your seat lemon in every chapter.

What you WILL find is what I (and obviously Kate) would agree is one of the sweetest and sexiest lemons revealed in EPOV over the course of EACH of the 11 chapters in this complete fic detailing the hook-up that changed everything between two best friends.

chapter 5 - The Best I Ever Had


Kate says this is TBIEH Edward
I agree.

Some would say (and again, obviously our dear Kate) that The Best I Ever Had Edward, is one we would all LOVE to have in our own life. Some would even say -looks at Kate- that he is their favorite Edward YET.

What do I think?

He's pretty freakin perfect.

Kate ALSO supplied this picture.


We have ALL been this Bella at some point. If you haven't, maybe you are and you don't even know it. The Best I Ever Had Bella does something classic. She gets drunk and has sex with her best friend. And while I personally have never had sex with someone who was initially a best friend (and don't expect all of you to have either) most of us, at some point have felt that longing for a friend.

yup. SO easy.

You get it. You've been there.

And how often do we do absolutely NOTHING about it?

Been there. Done that. Lived to regret it.

But Bella - being Bella - went for it....

And the result is the perfect blend of friendship, romance, laughs, and deliciously sexy re-telling of the perfect one night stand - with your best friend.

Seriously. This is one of the few fics that I have actually re-read. I mean yes, it helps that it's only 11 Chapters. But seriously. If you know me, you know that I'm a busy girl. AND I always have a list of fanfics that need to be read. AND KATE JUST TWEETED ME A DOZEN OUTTAKES FROM THE NEXT FIC I'M REC'ING.

*deep breathes*

Sorry. Just WAIT until I discuss THAT fic.


The fact that I have re-read most of this fic is a HUGE endorsement.

And did I mention that @whatsmynomdeplume simply KNOWS how to write romance? Yeah. I'm telling you right now. Stop what you're doing. READ this story. Then tell me how MADLY IN LOVE you fell with it. You should also probably tell Kate too. She's kind of obsessed. And we all kinda love her for it.


[A/N: I obviously want to thank the lovely Kate - AGAIN - for introducing me to this fic. Seriously. We give her such a hard time for being so in love with it (it's seriously her beacon) BUT I know I speak for more than just myself when I say we're all SO glad she rec'd it to us once upon a time.

to the author of this incredible fic @whatsmynom - thank you for writing this perfect fic. And seriously. Kate really is your biggest fan.

to @tiybor and @j_carroll7 - please keep the hot Cosmopolis edits coming. they kill me. in all the right ways.

and lastly...

to the best I ever had that I walked away from a million years ago - I wish you'd stopped me. -C xx ]


Anonymous said...

*waves* hello there. I've lurked this blog faithfully (but not scarily, mind you) and really enjoy your thoughts. As for this post? Oh, ITA..well, maybe DuRob's it for's the cravat..anyhoo...YES!! I was rec'd this fic over at Roseland (Rosesee) and have read this a few times...ok, FOUR. It's just THAT GOOD. And lawdy help us, if we all had a BFF-ward like this. *sigh*
Nice chattin' with you all.

elle said...

I LOVED this fic so very much. It just makes you feel so warm & fuzzy inside. *sigh* & it was nice to read the other way a best frienship turned drunken sex night could go.

I absolutely love when you rec fic's! Can't wait to hear about the next one! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh hi, awkward Canadian family and ensuing family photo pic killed me...and the comment about walking away from the best you ever had a million years ago killed me in a sadder way.