Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TWO days until Breaking Dawn

Alright folks.

It's hammertime.

And by hammertime. I mean FANGIRL TIME.

we're loud and we're proud

Last night was EPIC.

I know we all set our expectations low so that disapointment was never high. Well, whatever we did - it worked. Because last night's Hollywood premiere left absolutely zero disapointment in my eyes nor in the eyes of any other dedicated Twilight fans.

Ok so MAYBE this photo would have been better with Rob in it.

mother - daughter photo op is STILL perfect

and seriously. HOW precious was MacKenzie in interviews?
*heart swells*

But in terms of Rob and Kristen????

Premiere night was EPIC.

im still puking rainbows

The Twilight premiere seems FOREVER ago. And honestly, while I was a fan of Twilight before the movie came out, I hadn't learned the way of the fandom enough to be watching live feeds of the premiere and I feel like that was forever ago, so yeah - it's a tad bit blurry in my memory.

But with last year's premiere being AMAZING for us R/K fans - well, I'm glad this year topped them all. Need proof?

Here's a visual.

No really.
that is LOVE

So before I get to today's Favorite Twilight Photos - why don't we all puke rainbows together, shall we?

that look is totally a "girl I wanna knock you up" look

hi kristen.
you are perfect.


This one is for @kate_suena
and it is LOVE

this shot
in my top 3
the way he looks at her
is the way I want to be looked at

to the nonstens

my absolute favorite
you two are perfect
go make babies
no really.

AND. Because this photo just sums up how I feel about ALL of this being the beginning of the end.... I can only imagine HOW emotional this night was for all of them - especially Kristen.


Alright. Moving along to today's photos.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
2 Day Countdown

SO. Today we have two photos sent in from girl's you've already seen photos from but they're awesome and sent many and I love them and they make ME puke rainbows so I basically will bow down to them any chance I get - @j_carroll7 and @JRollin5

Jenn from California chose this photo because:
"omgggggggg do I love this pic! seriously!
This is one of my go-to high school Edward pics when reading fic.
The hair... the HAIRRRRRRR alone is fap-worthy
(can you say fap on your blog? whatever.... edit that out if we need
a lower rating) I curse the production company/styling team that
decided to change his hair after the first movie.
It was spot on PERFECT in Twilight. I just.....

I LEGIT had to keep all her comments in there.
They're just so fap worthy.

so basically Jenn can read minds because I had totally chosen
this photo as well except this edit below:


Ok and now J -

J from USA chose this photo because:
"This scene.
I LOVE how Kristen plays this scene.
She is already so heartbroken and grasping on to her last shred
of sanity and thinking of Jake abandoning her too?
She knows that she wouldn't survive.
She is phenomenal here.

Her lip trembles in this scene are the death of me

And my photo choices (two because I really want to make sure all my faves are mentioned):

I dont know what it is about the science trip scene
But I love it.
And I love the "you can google it" line.
As a semi-tech geek - it owns me.

one of my favorite things about Cathy's Twilight were the colors.
Those blues and greens that seemed to accompany every scene.
this photo just gives me chills thinking about it.
I want to be standing in that moment surrounded by those trees.


Only TWO more posts. The 1 day Countdown and the OMG BREAKING DAWN TONIGHT post.



Kasey said...

love this!! my favorite comment was "go make babies, no really", LOL!!! good thing i wasnt drinking anything haha. As always, great post girl!!

Anonymous said...

So I have seriously failed at commenting on these. But better late than never right?!?

Jenn's comments...OMG DYING! Glad you kept those in the post.

Is it really only 2 more days (well 1 now since I'm commenting the next day)??? To be honest, I feel like this last week has flown by. Except today and tomorrow that will surely drag on forever!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all these photo choices. And I love all you girls! <3


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