Saturday, December 10, 2011

tis the season

note: this is what I would call a blog drabble. I wrote it out of spontaneity at 1:00am. i'm not even going to bother to proof read. because im lazy like that tonight.

HI *waves*

Remember me?

That girl that supposedly has a great blog but totally FAILS at keeping it updated sometimes?

That girl that has seen Breaking Dawn four times in theaters yet still hasn't posted her "OMFG BREAKING DAWN HEADBOARD SEX UNF" post.

Hi - I'm here. That's me. And I'm sorry.

I'm not even going to make excuses. Because you guys are AWESOME and you deserve better than excuses.


times 1,0000000

But really.

Since Breaking Dawn - la vie est crazy. Not belle. CRAZY. There has been insane amounts of work being accomplished towards my real job read: salaried career my freelance work read: getting paid to do the really fun stuff and side projects I'm beyond excited about read: my other new blog that will tell ridiculously crazy stories so good, I may need to start getting guys I date to sign waivers.

So trust me. Fun stuff is ahead. And I swear one day I WILL give you my thoughts on Breaking Dawn. Because holy fucking hell (and I don't fbomb on here frequently so you KNOW i'm clearly pumped just thinking about it) - THAT MOVIE OWNED ME LIKE WOAH.

And who cares if there was stupid wolf banter that was cringe worthy? Who cares if there was still that awkward dose of cheese? EDWARD BANGING BELLA INTO THAT HEADBOARD TO TURNING PAGE?


Soooo. We'll talk soon about THAT, mmkay?

In the meantime, as a reputable (or at least I like to think so) source of fanfic recomendations here at Take me to Bliss I feel it is my DUTY to tell you about the fic that basically owns me right now. And I'm not going to lie. Considering a year ago next week - the Plan owned my life, body and soul - I was starting to have my doubts whether ANYTHING would pump me up this holiday season.



The Cellar by @iambeagle is one of those fics with short chapters that pack every damn punch you need to float around the room and flail your ass off for hours after reading. It is nothing but fluff and as someone typically drawn to angst - I WANT THIS FLUFF AROUND ME ALL THE TIME. It's complete with two more Christmas chapters to come (BECAUSE HI HOLIDAY FANFIC IS THE BEST)

The story is simple. Boy meets girl. Timeline easy. 12 hours. Events are epic. One night out on the town changes everything.

Basically YOU need to read NOW.

just do it.
and then tell iambeagle that she is awesome so she writes more.
and more and more and more and more.

Until next time - which I promise will be before Christmas - sending mad love to you all. xo

Thursday, November 17, 2011





As I post this, the fabulous @Sianria is frosting our Breaking Dawn cupcakes in my kitchen (red velvet - you should basically be forever jealous) and I just finished our "broken headboards covered in feathers" toppers. We are rockstars. And in an hour, we will be leaving for the theatre for our 10pm showing. Again.

So I'm going to cut to the chase.

A year and a half ago, this was said on this very blog after I saw Eclipse for the first time.


And now here we are only hours away from attending an epic wedding and crashing a hot sexy honeymoon in Brazil.

So I'm going to cut to the chase and post the LAST favourite photo from the Twilight Saga which was - I'm not shocked - sent in by SEVERAL of you.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga



and can I just add great minds think because @JRollin5 also sent this in as a joke

Without further ado - one of my favorite and obviously one of many of you follower's favorites - the last photo before tonight's Breaking Dawn.


Why not from a few more angles?




Sent in from @JRollin5 @MyCleverAlias and @dizzy_ladybug - you gals ROCK.

Alright everyone. GO ENJOY. We've waited our whole lives for this moment - well, sort of.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ONE day until Breaking Dawn

Is this real life?

Are we really only ONE day away? And I mean - when I post this, it'll be after midnight here and technically it will be today.

WHERE did the past year and a half go?

It seems like just yesterday I was proudly wearing this homemade shirt amongst all the Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts in the theatre.

thats right people.
I'm team Kristen and Rob - always.

I will be PROUDLY wearing this shirt again tomorrow night because yeah - it's forever about Rob and Kristen.

You know who could take that advice?



So this appeared online tonight - following the perfect UK premiere which I will totally get to in just a few. I think I share in disapointment with everyone that after FOUR movies we couldn't get a Rob and Kristen ONLY cover. I mean come on. YES there was the Fall Movie preview one but THIS IS THE MOVIE RELEASE. TAYLOR GTFO.

yes hi kristen.
I want your body.
And your boyfriend.

your hand in mine
explosions in the sky
-conveniently a song on my iphone I suggest you download it RFN-

If I focus on just Rob and Kristen - I get all squealy
If I focus on where Taylor's hand is going - I get all IMMA CUT YOU TAYLOR

But really. EW Breaking Dawn issue - where have you been all my life?

And now.

The UK Premiere.

the Twifecta.
doin it right.
except rob is REALLY doin it right by not even looking where he's suppose to
distractions - I get it

Today was the UK premiere. And I was a fangirl fail. But really - after watching the entire Hollywood premiere via THREE live feeds the other night, I was over doing MORE live feeds and trusted that all perfect moments would either be captured in the form of a photo of perfection or the gif of epicness.

I was blissfully satisfied because yes...

these two were photographed PERFECTLY together

perfect couple is perfect

Kristen looked absolutely STUNNING


And innocent little moments with innocent touching were captured...

Captured more than once....

And as someone who relies heavily on the way two individuals look at each other to determine their love for each other, stolen glances weigh HEAVILY in my books. They also have a direct line to my flailing muscles. So basically the next bunch of photos were enough to send me into PERMA-FLAIL.

we get sooo many shots of Rob's innability to take his eyes off Kristen
when we get shots of Kristen unable to take her eyes off Rob?

no but really


Ok. Enough before I combust. It's bad enough that I nearly combusted a dozen times already tonight reading a fabulous one day drabble fic of epic proportions by the ridiculously talented @cosmogirl7481 It's called Addicted and you need to read it as soon as you finish reading my post -> Addicted make sure you leave Cosmo some love.

OK. Time for Favorite Photos (the second last edition *cries*)

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
1 day Countdown

OK. So I have officially run out of photos from all of you (except for the one I'm saving for tomorrow which, you pretty much ALL sent in #greatmindsthinkalike). SO here are the last three of my favorite Twilight photos.


I can't with him in this scene.
That smile. The hair. That jacket.
I mean Twi-Edward was just PERFECT.


this scene.
omg this scene.
the way he's being a total asshole?
yes I am attracted to assholes. its my fatal flaw.
Did I mention the Twi-Hair?


forever my favorite Edward

And lastly, the gif of one of my favorite Twi-moments:


rob singing 'Let Me Sign'
the falling snow.
bella's narrative.

Alright friends.

Tomorrow is the LAST countdown post - basically its the


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TWO days until Breaking Dawn

Alright folks.

It's hammertime.

And by hammertime. I mean FANGIRL TIME.

we're loud and we're proud

Last night was EPIC.

I know we all set our expectations low so that disapointment was never high. Well, whatever we did - it worked. Because last night's Hollywood premiere left absolutely zero disapointment in my eyes nor in the eyes of any other dedicated Twilight fans.

Ok so MAYBE this photo would have been better with Rob in it.

mother - daughter photo op is STILL perfect

and seriously. HOW precious was MacKenzie in interviews?
*heart swells*

But in terms of Rob and Kristen????

Premiere night was EPIC.

im still puking rainbows

The Twilight premiere seems FOREVER ago. And honestly, while I was a fan of Twilight before the movie came out, I hadn't learned the way of the fandom enough to be watching live feeds of the premiere and I feel like that was forever ago, so yeah - it's a tad bit blurry in my memory.

But with last year's premiere being AMAZING for us R/K fans - well, I'm glad this year topped them all. Need proof?

Here's a visual.

No really.
that is LOVE

So before I get to today's Favorite Twilight Photos - why don't we all puke rainbows together, shall we?

that look is totally a "girl I wanna knock you up" look

hi kristen.
you are perfect.


This one is for @kate_suena
and it is LOVE

this shot
in my top 3
the way he looks at her
is the way I want to be looked at

to the nonstens

my absolute favorite
you two are perfect
go make babies
no really.

AND. Because this photo just sums up how I feel about ALL of this being the beginning of the end.... I can only imagine HOW emotional this night was for all of them - especially Kristen.


Alright. Moving along to today's photos.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
2 Day Countdown

SO. Today we have two photos sent in from girl's you've already seen photos from but they're awesome and sent many and I love them and they make ME puke rainbows so I basically will bow down to them any chance I get - @j_carroll7 and @JRollin5

Jenn from California chose this photo because:
"omgggggggg do I love this pic! seriously!
This is one of my go-to high school Edward pics when reading fic.
The hair... the HAIRRRRRRR alone is fap-worthy
(can you say fap on your blog? whatever.... edit that out if we need
a lower rating) I curse the production company/styling team that
decided to change his hair after the first movie.
It was spot on PERFECT in Twilight. I just.....

I LEGIT had to keep all her comments in there.
They're just so fap worthy.

so basically Jenn can read minds because I had totally chosen
this photo as well except this edit below:


Ok and now J -

J from USA chose this photo because:
"This scene.
I LOVE how Kristen plays this scene.
She is already so heartbroken and grasping on to her last shred
of sanity and thinking of Jake abandoning her too?
She knows that she wouldn't survive.
She is phenomenal here.

Her lip trembles in this scene are the death of me

And my photo choices (two because I really want to make sure all my faves are mentioned):

I dont know what it is about the science trip scene
But I love it.
And I love the "you can google it" line.
As a semi-tech geek - it owns me.

one of my favorite things about Cathy's Twilight were the colors.
Those blues and greens that seemed to accompany every scene.
this photo just gives me chills thinking about it.
I want to be standing in that moment surrounded by those trees.


Only TWO more posts. The 1 day Countdown and the OMG BREAKING DAWN TONIGHT post.


Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Days Until Breaking Dawn

This is basically me right now.

for realz.

EXCEPT I didn't call in sick to work tonight because I have this weird complex against calling in sick to work even though I have 6 paid sick days that I haven't even used. I just like being that employee with a perfect attendance. Which considering I have no voice right now, well, tomorrow I might need to break my good stride.

SO I'm keeping this brief. And getting straight to the photos. Because really - it's premiere night. WE HAVE BIGGER MORE IMPORTANT PRIORITIES.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
3 Day Countdown

OK. First a photo from another one of my lovely gals, the fabulous @j_carroll7

Jenn from California chose this photo because:
"one of my favorite scenes in the entire saga.
this scene was so intense and Chris Weitz NAILED it.
Seriously, this scene was even better than I imagined when reading it.
And after an entire movie filled with Jacob... it was nice to have
Bella running into the arms of shirtless Edward before their epic
reunion kiss :)"

Seriously. I agree. 100%

AND my photo choice for tonight (and an added gif just because from @j_carroll7 's tumblr)


Also because I love you all. The Edward gif that just kills.


I die. Every time.

SEE YOU TOMORROW. When we basically discuss this forever.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 Days Until Breaking Dawn

So. Here we are.

We are under the 5 day countdown.


We are FOUR days away from THIS:

in a nutshell.

SO when I last left you last Friday (because remember last night's post was predrafted because I was getting my drink on) I was sick. Let me tell you something. Working 7 days straight, 56 hours and getting sick in the middle of that, does NOT do wonders for your body. And while I did not let the cough from hell (no really, Satan SPAWNED this cough) stop me from having the time of my life out of town last night - I am basically dying right now and have NO voice.



Which has left me thinking ALL kinds of things, like WHAT IF I needed to call 911, WHAT IF someone came up to me and said "I'll give you a million dollars if you can spell your name backwards." or, more realistically WHAT IF aliens landed and offered to give me the meaning of life but because I couldn't formulate words they were like "earthlings are dumb - let's peace out". NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW.

Shit I ponder people.

And let's not even talk about how I probably look right now. I mean, I want to think I look like this:

you know, adorable and cuddly

When in reality, I probably look more like THIS:

except you know as like a girl zombie
ps: I use this zombie photo way too much.
it's my "Go To" zombie photo

And really - I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I just want to do THIS:

yes please. satin sheets and all

which ummm when I googled Blair Waldorf in bed (because I always strive to look as elegant as Blair when I sleep) this came up and then I basically cried. Gossip Girl fans will understand.


Where was I?


Epic weekend was still Epic. And I figured, I would share three wonderful things from the weekend with you all.


If you ever go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
you need a picture with THE WAVE

Bellinis are Love
Girls Nights are Love


if you have never been to Halifax, Nova Scotia
you need to.
I lived there for six years and it's East Coast Canada at its best

That is all.

NOW. Today's photo because I need to go to bed and try not to die of this cough.

Favourite Photos from the Twilight Saga
5 Day Countdown

OK. Today we have two photo contributions from the ladies who sent in the most photos (because they are AWESOME. never forget it ladies).

@JRollin5 from USA chose this photo because:
"This one is great. One of the few very comical parts of the movie.
First of all, FACE PUNCH?! I can't even with that title... *dies*
Second, her sitting there, between them, wanting to be ANYWHERE else..
L.O.L. Good times."

I agree. this scene ALWAYS kills me with laughter.

@j_carroll7 from California chose this photo because:
"That smirk that started it all.
This is the scene
where Edward Cullen stole my heart,
among other parts of my anatomy."

..... *dead*

And tonight, instead of giving you a favorite photo, I'm giving you a favorite gif. to go along with that smirk of perfection from Jenn. You can thank me after you've all finished swooming.


yeah. he's perfect.

See you all Monday - as long as you know, I haven't died of the ebola/bird flu I apparently have which if it's anything like the movie Contagion, well, it was nice knowing you all.