Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Another Day in the Life of an Obsessed Twilight Fan

I totally FAIL at blogging already.

Ok maybe that was a bit harsh. I just haven't posted in a week because I was in Halifax literally iced-in. I hate hate HATE snow, freezing rain, cold weather and ICE.

Ok that was a lie. I like ice. Especially when its in a really tasty drink or used to make margaritas because margaritas ARE bliss. I would know. I had myself WAY too many with the boy's parents on Friday night.

I do not like ice that falls from the sky and keeps me stuck inside. As much as I enjoy watching
tv and movies, it gets to be a bit much after a few days.

I DID get to watch
Slumdog Millionaire again though and it made me *squee* even more the 2nd time around. It truly = love.

I also got to
watch Revolutionary Road. It did not so much = love. It was GOOD, I will give it that. Kate and Leo deserved all of the praise they have been given. I just had really HIGH expectations that left me a teeny bit disappointed. Also, it made me miss the Jack & Rose days BIGTIME.

So as a really obsessed Twilight fan - its quite possible I'm too obsessed but considering some Twilight fans are making 'Bella Wombs' out of felt, I think I'm still sane - I have this really quirky little tendency I had to share.

Seeing as I drive to Halifax quite often to visit the boyfriend, I always stop in
Truro. I loves the A&W. In fact, I never get A&W anywhere else but Truro. I'm a sucker for the Mozza Burger.

For all of you who don't know and I apologize if I say anything politically incorrect, the highway stop is often frequented with Natives cause it's like an Indian Reserve. It never fails, every time I stop there two things happen:

1) I see someone that resembles Billy Black - minus the wheelchair. I will honestly die of excitement if I ever see a Billy Black twin IN a wheelchair. I will probably
spazz and ask for a picture.

2) It's all I can do to NOT roll down my window and say to the 'locals' "Hey
bb's, imprint on anyone lately? No? Do you know Jacob? Do you hates vampires? You have no clue what I'm talking about? Kthx Bye!"

I'm dead serious right now people.

And because it gives me the
lols every time I drive by it.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has never read/seen Twilight, I definitely have no clue what you are talking about.

That being said, I wish they had left that statue the original way, when it was very...phallic :P


Anonymous said...

I pretty much always stop there too... I don't exactly experience the need to ask about imprinting, and vampires but twilight does enter my mind.

And I loved Revolutionary Road, I'll admit t was no Titanic but I Hearted it...