Thursday, March 5, 2009

You really want a taste?


I woke up this morning thinking several things:
1) gahhhhh I need to get a job.
2) gahhhhh I need to get a life.
3) zomg, twilight deleted scene tonite on access!!! *squees* and wakes neighbours.

I proceeded to have breakfast with Mamacita, who informs me about a job I should apply for in the paper. This results in me reaching for paper and seeing none other than ridiculously gorgeous Edward Cullen on the front page of Life&Times.

I proceed to say "bbs why are in our newspaper?".

Mom goes "Oh didn't you know Twilight is playing for a TOONIE during the days this week for March Break?"

Apparently, Mamacita doesn't love me. That was harsh. She loves me and she knows just how smart and in tune I am with all things Twilight and figured I knew this already. I DIDNT. Whatever. I will get over it.

Anyway, my response was what is pretty much my new saying thanks to Tina Fey's daughter.

"I want to go to there."

So I did! Its not like I had anything better to do? And really, in my life lately, what IS better than Twilight? (other than my parents, my cat, and my friends because they are awesome)

So after standing in line for 45 MIN for popcorn, wtf was up with that? Ok, so they were busy. Apparently I'm not the only one who gets excited about 2 dollar matinees. Twilight wasn't even really busy compared to The Pink Panther 2 (barf).

I pleasantly find the perfect seat and the movie begins. THEN. There is these two like 13yr olds in the 5th row taking PICTURES. Like, STILL pictures with their digital camera of like everything! They even took a picture of the title of the movie. And to make matters worse, they were using the flash. Like seriously? And it became totally predictable as to when the flash was gonna go off.

Edward walks in cafeteria - FLASH

Edward smiles because Jessica says he's totally gorgeous - FLASH

Edward smiles at Bella while she begins to eat her mushroom ravioli - FLASH

"I can read every mind in here apart from yours" - FLASH

You getting the hint? Stupid little Teenie Boppers.

So I threw popcorn at them.

Annoying children aside, do I really need to tell you how ridiculously awesome the movie was for the 5th time? Didn't think so. I think it was obvious when I went to see it for the 5th time by myself.

As if multiple *squees* and *flails* all through Twilight this afternoon wasn't enough, Access Hollywood had to bless me with this deleted scene tonight. He can bite my finger anytime.

*flails and doesn't get back up until tomorrow night when they air ANOTHER deleted scene*


Anonymous said...

You know those teeny boppers made a whole Facebook album of those pics they took. And they probably tagged each character as one of their friends...who does that??


Anonymous said...

ou! i just watched that!