Tuesday, March 31, 2009

things that never fail to excite me

First of all, I mentioned this in my status update on Facebook. Now I will repeat this statement on here. Just incase Mr. Snow does not have a Facebook account but does in fact use blogspot.

Dear Snow, I hate you. We are SO over.
I never want to see you ever again. Kthx.

Love Me

ps: Ok, we can still spend Christmas together

But that is ALL

Now I give you pictoral evidence of why today was a great day in the world of my guilty pleasures. And here we go...

New Moon filming pictures.
1st observation: KStew you look gorgeous
2nd observation: *flails* you look REALLY pretty
3rd observation: Alice teaches Bella how to
wear makeup in New Moon.
4th observation: cannot.wait.for.nov.20.


we all know how much I love True Blood
IF you weren't aware of this, well then,
'oh hey there I'm totally obsessed with True Blood.'

If you love Twilight, you will LOVE TrueBlood.
Cause everything you want to see happen
in Twilight that doesn't *cough* hot
vampire/human hanky panky *cough*
happens. Nuff said.

I saw this last night and just about died.

This post was lacking Rob Pattinson/Edward Cullen.
So I fix that right about NOW.


Ashley said...

You're so tough, you run with vampires! (saw the banner, love it!!)

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simply stopping by to say hello

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