Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A collection of images I felt the need to RANT about

Firstofall. I hope those of you who frequent my blog know that you can see bigger versions of all of the pictures posted on here if you click on them (unless the picture was small to begin with). Which means, yes, you can see even bigger pictures of RPatz to drool over.

That comment was totally for you Leeman.

Secondofall, I hope none of you were taken by any April Fool's enthusiasts. I myself was only taken by online ones. Speaking of which: to the JERKFACE at who felt that it would be "fun" to post an article informing the world that Stephanie Meyer was found dead - NOT FUNNY. YOU ARE A SICK JERKFACE. There's enjoying April Fools Day and then there is taking it one step too far. YOU took it a thousand steps too far. I hope it led you to a cliff and you fell off. Oooops. How do you like me now?

Now I bring you images I stumbled upon this week that I feel the need to rant about.

Because I CAN.

So The Hills season 5 promo photos came out yesterday. They were all kinds of craziness. What you won't see here are pictures of the lovely ladies of The Hills. I promise you they were all pretty. Even Audrina - and I don't say that very often because she is an airhead.

The men on the other hand and by men I mean other jerkfaces that annoy me to no end had VERY interesting, creepy, photos that look like images Chris Hansen and John Walsh would show viewers on their shows.

Exhibit A:

Justin Bobby
Sometimes I understand why people think you
are hot. You do have your moments. I suppose
you have good features but so did Ted Bundy
and look how that worked out for like ALL the
women he dated.

Exhibit B:

Are you trying to look like Benicio Del Toro?
No? Maybe a drug cartel lord?
Are you trying to have RPatz hair?
I'm sorry if you are cause it's totally not gonna
happen and if by some chance it did, I still
wouldn't like you or think you are hot.

Exhibit C:

Spencer Pratt
You creep me out more than June Bugs
and those things scare the living shit out of me.
Are you trying to look like your the leading
actor on a Soap Opera? If so good job. You
totally look the part and by part I mean
evil, conniving, manipulating arrogant ASS.
Be useful and go organize your TIVO.

Exhibit D:

That is all.

Now on to merrier non psycho-killer ish things.

Exhibit E:

THIS little gem below is the promo image
for the new season of Tudors. I don't watch
this show but can I just say that this
is the sexiest, most suggestive campaign
like EVER?

Exhibit F:

I love love LOVE when my fandoms collide.
Apparently these two bbs were friends
once upon a time.
In case you are confused the fandoms I speak of
are Twilight & Gossip Girl.
She is Alice.
He is Nate.
They are ADORABLE.


Exhibit G:

Pretty much every time I watch Twilight I can
be heard going *squee* 'I love Billy Black'. Why?
Because he is adorable
As is this adorable picture of him and RPatz, who
looks delicious as per usual.

Exhibit H
Another cutesy picture of my two favorite
people and Billy Black. Also, KStew actually looks
17 in this picture and I don't find she looks
17 a whole heck of a lot.
RPatz your hair was the sex in this scene.
Just so you know.

BYES for now.

To those of you who have been after me to post more frequently, I think I am delivering. Yes?


Anonymous said...

My Tivo is all messed up because your sister, Justin Bobby still wicked an Audrina is always awesome, an so are LO an LC an so are Volvo C30s, Id probably watch that scene the most if i had the dvd, Ed C all pissed an KStew saying your so cold, unintentional comedy of that movie is great,
So after saying I like spencer pratt, Justin Bobby and calling Twilight a comedy, im guessing we are no longer friends.. I hope thats not the case..
We should def do a japan, seattle, Lapush/pots trip sometime...

C r y s t a l said...

haha oh Steve - we will always be friends! worry not!!

Why? Because we both share an enormous love for Volvo C30s, La Push and Seattle!!!

As well as a hate on for people named Treeva!

Ashley said...

Those pics of Justin Bobby look like he is trying to become another drugged-out Joaquin Phoenix, haha...gross! And Spencer definitely needs to be on a soap opera...he can be the scheming doctor who switches birth records and rescues the ladies from their amnesia, lol.

Anonymous said...

The Tudors add may as well just come out and say "Thy Kingdom CUM"

loves it


JoJo said...

loves the pictures

Anonymous said...

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