Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So I suddenly live a busy life... who would have thought?

So I'm pretty sure its been like a week since I posted. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I started two new jobs in the past week.

As my apology, I bring you a very VERY picture heavy post with a little something for everyone.

Yes that does include YOU - the person sitting beside the dumpster behind Tim Hortons eating day old donuts.

As many of you in my real-world life know, I am currently working a 9 day stint at the 2009 Ford World Men's Curling Championships. Never in my life would I have thought I would get so into curling but there is a first for everything.

Today was particularly exciting BECAUSE:

This cat was there and no I don't mean
the actual kitten, I mean Stephen Harper.
Maybe the kitten was there, who knows.
I totally saw Prime Minister Harper tho! True story.
I also stuck my tongue out at him.
[good thing he was seated far away when I did so]

This is pretty much my future husband.
His name is Jan Hauser.
Crystal Hauser? It works, right?
He is from Switzerland and I'm pretty much
in love with him.
I am totally getting his autograph/proposing on Saturday.

Look who else wasn't scared to make an appearance.
Pocket Edward does 2009 World Men's Curling

Now onto other ramblings I have been dying to ramble about:

To all my TRUEBLOOD fans!
Things I love about this pic
1) Bill & Sookie LOVE each other for real.
2) This is at SantaMonica pier. My fave place ever.
3) I'm painfully jealous.
4) Bill shopped at BubbaGump [see his bag?]
5) I hope he bought the BubbaGump lipgloss.
It is mindblowingly awesome.

I love this rollercoaster.
I totally went on three times.
I love these two.
I love that SHE sat with HIS daughter.
so so freakin cute

Zuma might be the weirdest baby name EVER.
But how freaking cute is this picture?
It makes my ovaries dance.
*STOP dancing ovaries.

This guy is ridiculously hot.
Taylor Kitsch aka Gambit in Wolverine
aka THE sex
he sort of looks like my future Swiss hubby but
with long hair *swoons*
I'd like him to take me to see live music
on a first date anytime.
Seriously. Call me Taylor.
You are the one Taylor in my fandom life
I can not feel gross about swooning over because
you are over the age of 18.
Sorry Taylor Lautner. Your time will come

Demi Moore likes to post a lot of pics on Twitter.
Like A LOT.
How freaking cute are these two?
Seriously. I wanna be that cute with a guy.

Lastly, reasons why this picture of Heidi Montague is
-she is drinking Evian and not Fiji water
seriously Heidi, everyone in LA drinks Fiji water
-your bag is hideous
did you design it? it wouldn't surprise me
your sneakers/heels
I have no words for those but *gag*
-your watch
it sort of looks like a slot machine in vegas.
even I don't think that's cool


Anonymous said...

I liked this blog as i hate my day old timbits an my large black three sugar drink, as i stole wireless internet from somewhere, But why you have to put the evian drinking photo of heidi, Can you put so LC pics up?? she is my girl an all,,,

Ashley said...

More blogging, plz :P