Monday, April 13, 2009

Didn't you hear? I'm totally into curling now

Well I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. I hope that several things happened for you:

1) That you got lots of chocolate.
2) That you were surrounded by family and friends.
3) That you were surrounded by love.
4) That you got an Easter Lilly if you are like me and love them.
5) That you didn't get an Easter Lilly if you are NOT like me and think they smell like a funeral home.
6) Most importantly, that the Easter bunny found you and he didn't look like THIS:

For once, Fergie isn't the scariest looking
thing in a picture.
THIS bunny was at the WhiteHouse.
Seriously Obama?
Are you trying to terrify your children?

In other devastating news, other than the fact that there is a very good chance Obama's children are now terrified of the Easter bunny, the 2009 Ford's Men's Curling Championships have ended.

I am seriously depressed.

What a wonderful 9 days of meeting exciting people, curlers, and fans from around the world. Like, seriously.

Did this have anything to do with the fact that many of these curlers were disgustingly gorgeous? Pretty much.

I did manage to score a hot picture as well as quite a bit of alone time with my future husband, Swiss curler Jan Hauser.

His cheek kisses are pretty much sex in the form of a cheek kiss. *flails*

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to proposing. I think 2010 Olympics in BC will be more appropriate. Then I can plan the perfect proposal and learn to speak fluent Swiss.

dont mind the ickiness that is me in this picture.
it was not the greatest night due to *real* life reasons.
he does manage to make me go 'Edward Cullen who?' when near.

Speaking of Edward Cullen.....

The 'New Moon' set pics that have been floating around online pretty much make me *flail* every time I see a new one.

This is just one of many, many, many photos that make me want to reach into my computer and run my fingers through RPatz's hair *drools*

Things that don't make me drool?

THIS photo. Seriously. Rob is gorgeous and totally giving the camera/the reader 'Come hither' eyes.

Kat Dennings? Gross. You are not worthy of Rob in this picture. I am sorry. You are just not. Bugger off now. NOW. kthx.

I don't know at what point I went from going 'eeewww Zac Efron' to 'zomg he's so hot' but it happened and therefore, all I can say about this is........ *flails*

To Kat Dennings in the previous picture, I will never go from 'eeeew Kat Dennings' to 'zomg she's so pretty'. Ok? I just don't like you. You were way too whiney in 40yr Old Virgin for me to ever like you.

Apparently in England, men are walking around wearing these contacts which read 'Buy Twilight DVD' or something to that affect, dressed like Edward Cullen.

I have one word to say to that and I decided to photoshop this word into the picture.

Who honestly thought this was a good idea?
Were they on drugs? I think they were.
You should totally drugtest them.
Then fire them.
Or you can just fire them.

That is all. I am off to begin learning Swiss.

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Ashley said...

BAHHHH, I hate mascotts...that bunny is going to haunt my nightmares :(