Sunday, April 19, 2009

A few random things to wrap up the weekend....

WARNING: This post is pretty much going to be ALL over the place.

1. Kellan Lutz.
Seriously? Why are you pulling the Wacko Jacko?
Rob doesn't even pull this stunt yet and no offense
but he is WAY more popular than you are.
Edward = thousand times greater than Emmett
No offense.
also no offense to the Emmett lovers.
I'm just Team Edward, you already know this cause
you read my blog.
nuff said.

2. The Apatow family

It still amazes me that you are all a family
and that I didn't know it until like a month ago.
Keep being beautiful.

3. Efron & Hudgens

Seriously. How are you guys so cute together?
Vanessa you're hot. I'm jealous.
Zac you're hot. I'm jealous of your shades.
I'm also jealous of the way he holds you.

OH and this very sexy ankle hold thing he is doing.
Seriously. *flails*

4. RPatz & Nikki Reed

Rob are you looking to bite her neck?
Are you two boning? Are you boning KStew?
Are you boning BOTH?
Really, I'd like to know. It causes me great distress.
You know, like, not knowing and all.
GREAT distress.

5. KStew & RPatz

KStew it doesnt even bother me that you are kinda
fug right now cause I don't blame you.
I would want to blend in too.
Just tell me one thing.
Does you being beside Rob mean
you two are having 'intercouse' as your character
would cringe at me saying in Adventureland?
Cause THAT would be fantastic.

6. RPatz

Nuff said.
oh and maybe I love you.
Not maybe though.
Like I really do.


Ashley said...

I really hope RPattz looks as hot in the movie as he does in that ET Video :)And Judd's kids look like little angels...he must have some fine genetics!!

Anonymous said...

that pic of Efron holding Vanessa's ankle, haaaaaaaaaaaaawt