Saturday, March 21, 2009

today men in north america must fight for their right to watch tv


Today, all over North America, there will be disgruntled men, boyfriends, husbands, brothers, fathers
ect. who will not get their hands on the remote. Their wonderful Twilight loving women will pretty much be controlling the tv for the rest of the week. Get over it boys. We deal ALL through hockey season, baseball season, football season, golf season [which is pretty much ALL year] and of course the night of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

If you are a man and your lovely lady got her Twilight
dvd, now would be a great time to go on that boys trip out of town for a week you've been meaning to take. Kthx.

I will post the official Twilight DVD Release Party pics tomorrow cause lets face it...

Twihards DO NOT have time to be readin' blog posts today!

However, a Twilight
PICSPAM is totally and absolutely necessary to celebrate Twilight's release.


Bella : "Oh my God... That Crystal girl has
totally had her
dvd for like a week now
and she's STILL watching us again."
Edward : "I look SO good in this scene."

RPatz : "Bella that jacket is hideous."
KStew : "Uh... so is yours Rob"
RPatz : "Yah but I'm ridiculously good looking,
so really its
KStew : "Whatever"

Edward : "I flip my collar. So what?"
Me : "Please keep flipping! You are the sex"

Edward : "I realize this isn't as cool as
Dr. Manhattan bringing Silk Spectre to Mars..."
Bella : "I don't care." *dazzled* "Please
just kiss me already so I can rub it
in Mike Newton's face!"

Edward : "No bed means No sex Bella. I'm
the 108 year old virgin, didn't you hear?"
Bella : *dazzled*

Because really, who wouldn't wait until
marriage to have sex with this guy?

I don't even have a stupid comment for this.
It's like, my favorite Twilight pic of life <3


Pocket Edward says to make sure you
have some Popcorn with your Twilight!*

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Anonymous said...

I finally saw Twilight on the bus back from Montreal! Loved it! I'll you what I didn't love, the retard girl behind me narrating the whole thing to her retard guy friend who was a big retard!