Thursday, March 19, 2009


I realize that I never posted my Watchmen post.

Let me explain. I was going to and then I realized that not all of you who read this have seen it yet *cough* Leeman. So I thought I would wait until *cough* Leeman saw it so I could discuss it in extraordinary detail and
not spoil it for anyone. Nuff

Please accept this photo as a sign of good faith.

Speaking of Leeman. We bid her farewell tomorrow as she departs on the adventure of a lifetime*please note your definition of adventure of a lifetime may not be on the same page as mine. For this I apologize.

Leeman is off to Montreal - land of beer at the liquor stores, Club Super Sex, Celine Dion and Stephane Dion - to see Britney Spears.

She already knows how jealous I am. I would just like to publicly announce on here how excited I am for you and how, disgustingly, painfully jealous I am.

I totally only "got" the whole If you Seek Amy thing this weekend (thank you Ashley) and decided to finally listen to the song today. Instant classic. I am obsessed.

And yes B.Spears... I think we would all love to if you seek Ayou. Cause I'm sure somewheres in the world Ayou is a perfectly acknowledged name and this allows me to respond to your song appropriately.

I now bring you penny-pinching 101.

Three reasons why I need to get rollin' those pennies in my closet.

1. rob in GQ mag is the sex.

2. rob in GQ mag is the sex.

3. rob in GQ mag is the sex.

Now on to fashion for the apparently visually impaired.

KStew! Never. Ever. EVER. wear this dress EVER. again. Kthx.

Lastly, on a very sad note. RIP Natasha Richardson. You were a wonderful actress and from what I have read a wonderful, beautiful person. I realize that her part-line is whack in this picture, I have no clue what is going on, but I still thought it was a gorgeous picture of her <3


Ashley said...

KStew looks pissed in all of the pictures from that premiere, it seems...bah, I wish she had a better attitude!

Don't be embarrassed about If You Seek Amy, my brother's friends thought it was about Amy Winehouse!

Anonymous said...

Definitely sad about Natasha Richardson...looks like jewels in her hair part? Weird.

Ok, so thanks for the send off! I didn't get to see it before leaving, and thanks for the not writing about the Watchmen! You can though, and I'll just skip that post, just don't put any spoilers in the title. We'll have to have a phone date to discuss BritBrit! Let's just say, PCD were awesome, Britney...very lacking.


ps-my cat just tried to jump on top of my flat screen monitor, it fell over, he went flying, and now it is tilted down and i can't reposition it...this is not good