Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who Says Friday the 13th Has to Be Unlucky?

Generally speaking, people have this anxiety over Friday the 13th. There are a lot of people who still, for reasons I don't understand, think BAD stuff is gonna go down.

Can I just begin by saying, my Friday the 13th, was quite honestly, the BESTEST day EVER.

Why? Because THIS happened


Jealous much 10 yr old teeny boppers? Keep boppin, midnight Friday night is only five more sleeps away.

Now I shall continue with other less exciting ramblings about stuff I'm sure you really don't care about but you still end up coming here, so I keep doin' it.

Isla Fisher. You are gorgeous. When
I heard you were makin babies
with Borat, I'm not gonna lie,
I was worried.
I'm happy to say, you are still
beautiful and your baby Olive got your
hair. GOOD JOB.

JuddAppatow is like, a comedic genius
in my eyes. Leslie Mann is also a female
comedic genius. When I found out these
two procreated and had these two kids that
were absofreakinglutely hallarious
in Knocked Up, it pretty much made my life.
Zac Efron on the other hand?
You are NOT as funny as the parents
these kids. Don't get any ideas.

Pocket Edward FINALLY came out of the box this weekend. I had planned on keeping him inside his protective plastic sealed box because of the defect on the back stating he is a 'minG reader.' Apparently this will increase his value in fifty years.

Who am I kidding? Would I really EVER want to sell Pocket Edward? I got over Titanic and I don't want to sell my 100+dollar Rose DeWitt Bukater Barbie Doll.

Let's be serious. With this rationalization in mind, I cut open the box and proceeded to begin my own Pocket Edward adventures.

Because this is NOT Forks, Washington
and I don't have big trees in my yard,
Pocket Edward thought it would be fun
to climb Mamacita's cactus.
He LOVED it.

Today, Ashley & I brought Pocket Edward
on a Sunday drive to Shediac. We
stumbled upon a random totem pole.
Pocket Edward wanted to mock it.
MANY more pics of this to follow.

Tomorrow, I will finally rant obsessively about Watchmen. I cannot believe it has already been a week today since I saw it and I have not mentioned it.


It also is totally worthy of its very own LONG post tomorrow. Plan accordingly. By that, I mean bring water, snacks, and maybe a compass to find your way back to sanity.


Anonymous said...

While I do not condone your unhealthy Twilight obsession or playing with dolls at age 25, that totem pole picture is pretty great.


JoJo said...

hheheeheh @ Pocket edward