Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reasons Why I Should Be Living in Vancouver

If you've spent any amount of time with me, you've probably heard me mention something about how I've always wanted to live in Vancouver, BC.

Mamacita lived there when she was my age and LOVED it. Then she missed my Dad, moved back to New Brunswick, said 'I do' and had ME.
Glad she did.

Sometimes I think it was my destiny to pick up where she left off...

That being said, I give you reasons why I wish I lived in Vancouver, like, RIGHT NOW.

Exhibit A:
These three beautiful peeps are out
walking the streets, which would
increase my odds of running into
them or offering to buy KStew
and Taylor beer.

Exhibit B:

The sex. I don't even need to
say anything more.
OH he drinks Fiji water which
is like my favorite drink of life.
AND look at that jawbone. Come on now.

Exhibit C:
He looks hot even when snowy
and wet - the Canadian in me
*loves* this.
Oh hey there Fiji Water, I *loves*
you too!

Exhibit D:

He still looks dead sexy in a toque
and a puffy winter jacket.
Again, the Canadian *loves* it

Excuse me while I go buy a non-refundable plane ticket to Vancouver *runs off*


Ashley said...

I think we should wait until spring, then invest in two motorcycles, and then take off!

Amanda said...

I am still recovering from having my twilight cherry popped last night. I think i need to read the book, seeing as my bf is more up on that then I am.
Ps. Loves it when R-Patz speaks in his original brit accent. HOT.
pps. Ashley, you can take my dad's motorcycle. It's takes up to much room in the garage and annoys me everytime I park the car and have to crawl out the pasenger side door because it's in the way.