Sunday, March 8, 2009

things that excite me at five am

It's 5:14 am.

Actually, if Daylight Savings had never been invented to screw us up, it would still be 4:14am.

And nevermind what time blogspot says I posted this at because *it* lies...

I'm pretty sure (well, 97% sure because really, its very early in the morning and I haven't gone to bed yet so there's that 3% chance this IS all a
dream but I highly doubt it) that I just drove my parents to the airport as they are flying to Phoenix, Arizona for 8 days.


I even told Mamacita this morning - she is headed to Cuba for TWO weeks later in the month - that I was more jealous of the fact she is going to the desert than the beach. She looked at me like I had a third head. Mamacita was clearly more excited about the Cuba trip.

The fact that my parents are going to be within driving distance of my favorite people in Las Vegas makes me slump more into the depressed st
ate I'm already in because I have no job and no life and I'm in love with a fictional character/Robert Pattinson and can never have either. THAT is all.

We all know how big of an OC fan I was and even
when everyone hated her, I still loved Marissa because
she was Marissa. Mischa Barton on the other hand
causes me to sometimes question her a)diet
b)fashion sense c)choice of men
d) DIET e)motives for being in an Enrique
Inglesias video.

I have to say, I saw this recent picture of her today
and actually wanted to share the love. I think she looks
stunning! (skinny arms aside)
Now go find Ryan Atwood. Kthx.

This photo honestly kills me. I love it. SO much. These two men
absolutely rock my world and the fact that they are
in this picture together pretty much makes
my entire life.
ps: Rob I love you scruffy.
I don't even like my own boyfriend scruffy.
But you can keep the scruff cause you are so cute.
And you have an accent.
And I love you.
That is all.
pps: Dev I love you too.
Slumdog FTW
I gots this from SpunkRansom


Anonymous said...

Where are his RayBans?? Is R Pat his rap name??

C r y s t a l said...

haha who is this?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there was a decent reason you were up at that time of night/morninghahah. And holy shit, I haven't seen Mischa looking that good in forever, that picture is gorge! Though I'd like to see the bottom half, there has to be something about that outfit that's a disaster.