Friday, May 8, 2009

I did not disapear into a black hole Star Trek style

I realize it has been forever since I have posted.

I honestly don't have an excuse. I sort of kind of want to try and come up with a clever one. You know, something along the lines of :

- sucked into a black hole in the universe before being saved by the Enterprise, brought back to life by
Capt. James Kirk by means of one hot passionate kiss and dropped back on planet earth just this morning.

- bitten by a vampire and have spent the past few weeks in 'newborn' state, unable to be around humans, laptops, babies etc.

- swine flu overcame me and I became another statistic. its hard to update a blog when you are in a full body protective gear A La Outbreak.

- Pocket Edward and I got lost in the woods and only found our way out this afternoon. Good thing he's a good hunter.

So I will leave you to decide
WHICH of the above scenarios you feel REALLY happened. I should probably admit that it could very likely be none of them.

But ya know. Wouldn't it be cool if it WAS one those?

K maybe not the
swine flu.

You know what I mean. K I go now....

Lastly, how wickedly amazing is it that
SUMMER is SO here. *loves it*

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