Thursday, May 21, 2009

It may have been 30 degrees but I've got other reasons to swoon

SO I had just about given up on this little blog. I wasn't sure if anyone was even reading it. I'm sure there was the possibility of lurkers and if you are a lurker and you love my blog, please comment once to let me know you are out there.


I'll do a happy dance.

I realize that you won't see said happy dance but trust me. There will be one.

But my dearest friend Ms. Leeman mentioned that I needed to update and I realized that there were in fact some friends who still read this so I decided to post again.

Comments are like Lifes in Mario Brothers. They keep the posts comin.

So today it was literally 30 degrees out. HELLO SUMMER, HOW I MISSED THEE!

Instead of going to the beach, I decided to go to Hopewell Rocks with a darling friend Mr. Kwan. You see, when we watched Twilight together back in November, we agreed that La Push sort of resembled the Hopewell Rocks. We were determined to visit asap but seeing as that was November, the park was closed and it was freezing, this plan on came through today.

Of course, Pocket Edward was on hand.

Still no sparkle. Thats ok.
Plenty of BIG rocks to look at instead.

Pocket Edward wanted his picture in the Bay of Fundy.
Instead he got splashed, wet, and cold.

He was not very impressed.

Now onto rants that I honestly had with myself this week either outloud or in my head.


So my heart literally stopped when I saw this.
No more fakes.
No more photo shopped fan stuff.
Is the Real Deal.

Official 'New Moon' poster.

Summer I realize you just arrived.
But oh man I can't wait for November.


KStew I DO love you.
I DO think you're pretty.
I DO admire your 'I just don't care' style.
I DON'T think you are getting enough sleep.
I DO think you're bangin' Rob.
I DON'T think its helpin your looks.
I DO think you need to stop tweezing your brows.
That is all.
Or Atleast some good cover up.


Hello Rob in Cannes.
No wonder Brad and Angelina invited you to join
in on their fancy dinner party.
They're hot and you're hot.
Naturally you people should all party together.

Ok now you're just TOO damn hot.
Seriously. How are you that gorgeous?

Totally just saw this.
Totally sucked in my lower right hand corner.
Need to buy new Entertainment Weekly.
Will drool over said photo.

Also, is that big picture on the left a picture
from Bella's birthday party?
Ummm, I think so!!!!

That is all. I promise to post soon. Maybe it will be non-Twilight related too. It's a stretch.
But I might be able to swing it.



Jaydey17 said...

I want that EW spread! Shame I live in Australia and I don't think they sell it here :(

C r y s t a l said...

Welcome Jaydey17!

I'm so excited that I had a lurker that was NOT one of my real world friends :) Your blog looks fantastic! I will totally bookmark it!

Jaydey17 said...

Awww thanks hon, that's a really lovely thing to hear. Yours looks pretty fab, too :P

JoJo said...

OHH Thank for the link for the new show, totally have to go check out those book now!! And now I want to go to 'La Push' I love seeing the pocket edward pics!!

Anonymous said...

R Pat in Rayban Clubmans. There my next purchase now.. Pocket Edward didnt become drift wood good thing we caught him before the surf did, we need to head back to 'Olympic park' soon

Chelsey A. said...


I love the blog...

I'll I have to say is
OMG for #1
totally agree with #2