Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why did they put an H&M in our mall?


Life was much easier BEFORE there was an H&M in our mall.

Until May 14th, I could go to the mall for something simple such as a birthday card, orange julius, paper etc. without making any other unecessary purchases.

NOW, I go into shopping frenzy upon arriving at the mall. I still park at Walmart and yet somehow always find myself down at the very opposite end of the mall shopping at H&M.

LUCKILY, I show tremendous responsibility. This was demonstrated yesterday.

I went to the mall for THESE items.

1) Starbucks coffee. It's essential.
2) Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Coconut Lotion
(because a friend has it and she smells wonderful all the time)
3) Maybeline AirBrush cause it's the bomb.

I left the mall with all of THIS!

FOR REAL. I may have demonstrated responsibility at H&M. See those hoop earrings? They were my only H&M purchase. Go me!

Didn't show much responsible spending everywhere else though.

Here is my rationalizing for everything else.

1) Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Coconut 3 in 1.
I love the smell. That is a given. So how could I resist another product that smells exactly the same but not only serves as a body wash, bubble bath, AND shampoo!? Not possible.

2) H&M magazine.
I'll admit. It was free.

3) H&M hoop earrings.
Cause I thought they'd look hot at work.

4) DVDs.
Really who can't resist the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Its the death of me everytime.

It all went downhill when I noticed Accepted. I love love LOVE this movie but don't own it. Now I do.

Then I noticed John Tucker Must Die. Its a guilty pleasure. It cracks me up. I also have a major girly crush on Sophia Bush. So what?

THEN I saw Killer Movie. Never heard of it but I was pretty sure hottie Paul Wesley who happens to play hottie vampire Stefan in the new CW show Vampire Diaries was in it. This was a necessary 'obsession-related' purchase. You know, to prepare for the dork that's going to emerge when the first episode of Vampire Diaries airs.

Enough shopping ranting.

I am disgustingly in love with True Blood
season 2 posters.
For Real.
I bet it does hurt so good.

How cute is this?
Lets hope Dakota doesn't go sleeping with Rob.
KStew might not be so BFF with her then.

This is just an observation but when filming a movie,
where you portray a dead person/vampire....
Shouldn't you NOT be tanning while filming?
Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Still love you Ashley. You are the cute.

Here is someone who clearly did NOT tan in Cannes.
Also, you are the sex.
I would very much like your shirt to just "fall off" right now.


Jaydey17 said...

Wow, you did good!
I'm pretty uncontrollable when it comes to shopping. I go to the shops in the mindset of "I will not buy anything" and I almost always come home with little things that were on sale and then added up to way too much.

And I love that pic of Kristen, Ashley and Dakota. Very cute.

And Rob is Rob.
Sexy as hell.


Ashley said...

Haha, Chis is addicted to the 5 dollar bins, too!

Looking at the pic of Ashley Greene makes me feel good about myself - we're both so pale! :P

JoJo said...

I can't wait to go to H&M!! I thought that the vampires in twilight weren't allowed to go tanning...tsk tsk! and that pic of true blood ...*drool*

Chris said...

It's true. I love the bins full of cheap DVDs. Most of my collection comes from there. I can't pass up a good deal on a movie that I might eventually watch.

One of the all time gems originated from Wal-Mart. Hard Rock Zombies. Have you seen it? It is an event to watch.

I saw an H&M for the first time when I moved, and only found out that it's a great place when I kept seeing excitement about it on Facebook!

I'm thinking that November 20, 2009 will involve massive amounts of flailing, jaw dropping, and general hysteria (and hate missiles to anyone that gets between you and RPatz). You two are going to have a blast. :)

Anonymous said...

I just applied some Beauty Rush mear moments before reading this... very strange.

I too have a love for the $5 bin at Walmart. Who could resist?!?