Sunday, June 21, 2009


After 2.5 days of much needed rest and relaxation + 0.5 day working, I have returned.


*flails again*

I realize we're all CRAZY EXCITED for New Moon.
I think my level of excitement for 'Remember Me'
has significantly just shot up to CRAZY EXCITED as well!

Because seriously look how hot these photos are.
Plus, Emile de Ravin is totally beautiful.
(does not currently have a black mullet)
So naturally I think seeing pictures of her mackin it
with Rob is totally swoonworthy.

Not to mention.
How nice is it to see Rob in SHORTS?
I don't even care that his wrist looks awkward in this shot.
I love love *LOVE* him.
I also totally cannot wait for this movie.
AND a trailer release.

1 comment:

Jaydey17 said...

They do look super-cute together.
And it's very weird seeing him in shorts lol
Can't wait for the trailer, either :)

Glad you had a nice break!