Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leaving the City

its that time of year again.


which means I spend half my time in the city and half my time on the ocean.

sadly, the ocean doesn't have wireless. not even highspeed. we do have dial-up but seriously, watching paint dry is funner.

THEREFORE, when I am residing at our summer residence on the beach I will not be posting (unless miraculously the dial up has significantly improved).

I'm headin out for 2.5days so the blog will be a little outdated until Sunday.

Of course I love all of my followers so I'm not going to leave you high and dry!

Since its been a slow week in pictures (except for more Kstew black mullet photos) I have only two images to offer.

Both are ridiculously SEXY men.

Can I party with you?
For realz?
As Bruno, not Sasha Baron Cohen.
I'm sure you're just as fun as SBC
but you give me major LOlZ as Bruno dude.
*this is actually a real mag cover too, just so you know*

Ummm hello?
Who made People's hottest bachelors?
You did.
Totally not a shocker cause you're freakin gorgeous.
Also I really like that shirt on you.
I hope you stole it from this photo shoot.
It would look good with those new jeans your sportin!


Anonymous said...

why is rob so delicious. seriously, it should be illegal to be that gorgeous, because i just about die everytime i look at him.

Jaydey17 said...

God Rob is just sex on legs.
There, I said it.
But it's true.

Have fun at the beach!!