Monday, June 15, 2009

its 3:33am

3:33 am

in some twisted, sick horror movie wasn't 3:33am, like, bad?

I totally just got in from work. I have a fantastic story about that.

Guy: Ok, I want three of whatever those girls are drinking (points to three hot girls at the table he has just randomly sat down at)
Me: Ok
Guy: And 20 shots of Jaggermeister.
Me: - speechless & trying not to laugh in his face -
Guy: -hands me his debit card- here is my card, my account is Checkings, and my pin is 1-2-3-4. Put 40 bucks on there for yourself.
Me: Ummm, are you serious?
Guy: Uh, yah? Now, please?
Me: - runs along with the biggest grin of life-

This situation repeated itself SEVERAL times before the night was over.

Honestly, best night of work ever.

It's seriously the best to get paid to look good and have fun WHILE making money.

Someone else who knows a thing or two about that?

Rob Pattinson
Remind me again why I'm going to Boston?
And not NYC to, ya know, stalk you?

could you be any hotter?

Someone told me tonight that I look like this actress.
Jane Krakawski from The Office.

They were clearly drunk.
I think.


Jaydey17 said...

Wow, such a huuuuge time difference.
Here it's 7.40pm right now.

Mmmm, I love that you post pics of Rob in like, every single post. It make me smile :)

C r y s t a l said...

Huge time difference! One of my best friends is in Australia and its a 14hr difference between our two homes :)

I aim to please with the Rob pics. Honestly, even when I try to post a non-twilight post he ends up in them.

Anonymous said...

SWEET JEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS!!!!! i haven't read your post yet but I had to come on the internet straight away and use your blog to test to see if Marc fixed my problem AND HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally open separate windows in my browser!!!! You don't know how happy this makes me and what a pain in the ass that was!!! yeah yeah yeah!!! ok, time to read you blog :D

Love Britt

ps. look forward to comments from moi again

Anonymous said...

oh hi, that work story was awesome! how much did you end up getting from the guy and did he do all 20 shots himself? ahahah

also, that pic of Rob biting his finger is to die for.

Love Britt

Anonymous said...

That guy was such a Douche Bag filled with money, but im glad you made money off of him..