Friday, July 10, 2009

Pocket Edward Does Boston

If you thought Pocket Edward would slip to the bottom of my purse and be forgotten on our trip to Boston.... well....


Pocket Edward had a wonderful drive down.
The scenery in Maine reminded him oh so much of Forks.

He especially enjoyed the scenic Boston waterfront.

But so far the highlight of his trip.
Without a doubt.
So far.
Was Fenway Park for a Red Sox game.
We tried to find him a hat that would fit
but no such luck !

He could totally pull off the big city lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

That pocket Edward, such a man of the world.


Ashley said...

In the pic in the bleachers, he looks like he's making a face because the guy beside him farted, or didn't cheer for the Red Sox!

Jaydey17 said...

Ahaha! Love it! lol

Stevan Kwan said...

Vampire baseball in fenway, but if they are pocket size and fenway stayed the same id watch that...