Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Edward Cullen Came Back... So have I

Miss me?

Once upon a time, I decided to start a live journal. T
hat totally lasted like, a year.

Once upon a time, I decided to start a blog. That lasted like, six months.

Once upon a time, I brought that blog back from the dead. I promise, it's here to stay.

In the past three months since I last blogged, I haven't really had a GOOD excuse for not maintaining take me to bliss but it was never far f
rom my heart. I missed blogging, I just didn't have that push I needed to return to the good ol'blogspot.com.

But with the release of New Moon this week and alllll of the hype that's been going along with it, there were just too many things I needed to rant about. Squee about. *flail* about. And not enough places to do such things.


Complete with New Moon LA Premiere Ranting:

Let me start with my favorite dress of the ENTIRE night.

Anna Kendrick.
I have developed a serious girl crush on Anna.
For realz.
It might have to do with her starring in George
Clooney's new movie; it may not.
But it probably has a lot to do with it.
Either way, I think she is HOT.
As is this dress that I would like to steal.

SO pretty.

Next we move on to the "shower curtain" and/or "balloon boy" outfit of the evening.

All I am saying is haters to the left.
I loved this dress.

Then to my favorite Twilight star that isn't Rob or Kstew:

Haters to the Left.
Everyone hated her hair? I loved it.
Everyone hated the dress? I liked it.
And whatevs.
She'd be gorgeous in a paper bag.

To my second favorite dress of the evening:

Little DFan, as I now like to call you.
Look at you. You're all grown up.
And you have wicked style.
Good work.

The EPIC FAIL of the evening:

You are worth how many million dollars?
Yet you cannot hire a stylist?
Please take this into consideration before you
EVER walk another red carpet.
love me.



How can someone be SO hot that it hurts?
And how come men like this are not found in other parts
of the continent?
Cause I keep my eyes out and no dice!

And lastly, the Belle of the Ball.....

I kid you not.
If I was KStew; I'd frame this pic for myself.
It is sheer Hollywood Glam.

I love this dress.
soooooo much.

2 things about this photo.
1 - wireimage actually took zoomed in photos of her hands.
2 - she totally wears Bella's moonstone in the real life.

And a few final thoughts....

Oh hey there Taylor.
You are NOT Rob.
But I still approve of this pic cause you 2 are cute.
Nuff said.

And lastly, if I had the pretty dress KStew had,
I would NOT change into a freaking tshirt and hoodie
for the afterparty.
I'm just saying.
I would however snuggle the hell into Rob.
For like, all night.
*goes off to day dream*

That is all for tonight. Stay tuned for my post about getting to see Kellan Lutz and Bronson Pelletier in the flesh. Like, 4 ft away from me. It was pretty amazing.

And I promise there will be regular posts. So bookmark take me to bliss again and I promise I won't let you down.



Anonymous said...

sooo...you like the bubble boy dress??

Also, kstew dress, it's alright, but that HAIR?! god awful, can't she change the colour yet?? highlights girl, highlights...and she needs a freakin manicure, gaaaahhhh it just kills me

Oh yeah, welcome back <3


Ashley said...

I agree with Britt, K-Stew's hair was a mess. But her makeup was gorgeous.

And it's about time you post again! Phew!