Friday, November 20, 2009

Because for obvious reasons I have something to blog about...

OK. So, bare with me, because honestly, I'm still *flailing* post-movie last night.

I may have been over-excited, hyperventilating, bouncing off walls, excited when I first saw Twilight a year ago today BUT I think I reached an all new level of fan-girl, Twihard-ness last night.


THAT was incredible. And by "that" I mean New Moon. in case you hadn't already figured that out.

Seriously, I can't even begin to describe the feelings and emotions that I went through sitting in that theatre. And to be honest, I'm sort of glad that I am not writing a full spoilery review just yet because I do want to see the movie at least another time before I really, properly get into it.
AND since I know some of my readers - who aren't die hard Twihards but are wonderful none the less - have yet to see the movie, I want to remain unspoilery for the time being.

BUT I will give you a completely, non-spoilery preview, of some of the points I CANNOT wait to touch upon.


How freaking gorgeous KStew was in New Moon.
She was pretty in Twilight, obviously.
She is freakin gorgeous in New Moon.
Her acting is also unfreakingbelievable.
Seriously, she carries this movie effortlessly.

How this brief scene made a year of waiting:
Totally Utterly Worth It

How this scene gave me the major lolz;
HOURS after the movie was done.

How these two somehow melted my heart;
And my heart is VERY Team Edward based.

How unfreakingbelievably awesome the Volturi were;
honestly. i had chills. giggles. nervous twitches.
they were insanely amazing.
I could watch them for hours.
if you loved the book Volturi you will not be let down.
I swear.

nuff said

How this scene still has me shaking my head.
You will totally understand when you see it.
I promise.
I may have peed myself.

SO please stay tuned. I will have the official review on how New Moon brought me to all-time new levels of bliss. and totally made me want my own Edward and Jacob in real life. and yes, I said Jacob too.

I will also divulge what my absolute FAVORITE scene in the movie was. You might be surprised to learn Robward wasn't even in it *gasp*

ALSO. Can I just say my day was made because the Remember Me trailer came out?

Yup. I
iz dead.


Jayde said...

New Moon.
Since you already read my blog post on my thoughts I won't bore you with them all over again haha.
But I totally agree with everything you said.
I'm seeing it again tomorrow, too!
So excited! I'm taking mum haha
She's Team Carlisle.
Although she does love herself a bit of Edward.

Oooohh Remember Me trailer was really good! Watched it on YouTube last night and I'm really looking forward to seeing it, now that I have some idea on what it's about! haha

Ashley said...

Haha, I hope that running-through-the-woods scene isn't in Breaking Dawn!

Can't wait to see this movie!

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I am all about me some Edward, but that Jacob/Bella pic is adorabllleeeee.