Tuesday, November 24, 2009

talk shows, the holidays, and tunes... also known as, a Tuesday rant.

So I'm sure most of us Twihards are still trying to wrap our heads around how amazing New Moon was. I know that I am.

I also know that I'm totally going to see it for the third time tonight and I'm just as excited as I was last Thursday night. Cause let's face it; its amazing.

And I promise my official, take me to bliss review of New Moon will appear soon. I'm not going to lie. I'm kinda hopin for a copy to leak of the movie online so that screencaps will appear and I can make said review the pretty.

But for now, there were a few other items I really felt the need to discuss.


It was certainly the week of talkshows for all of us Twihards. I seriously do not remember the last time I watched this many interviews. JayLeno, JimmyKimmel, Ellen, Regis&Kelly, Oprah, Letterman,Fallon and that's not even naming all of them.

And yes, I watched all of them like a good Twihard should.

My favorite?

Jimmy Kimmel Live
This interview killed me.
Everything from Jimmy's jokes with the cast
"So Taylor when you and Taylor makeout does Kanye
West ever come barging in?"
to the audiences questions and Rob's confused face
as he utters "My shirt misbuttoning?"

Something NOT so golden?
This outfit.
Ashley Greene - I love you.
You know that I have a major girly crush on you.
And I pretty much LOVE everything you wear.
Except for this.
I'm sort of glad I forgot to watch Letterman last night.
I might have cried.


So the american thanksgiving is upon us. Time to give thanks. Time to eat Turkey. Time to visit your significant others parents and "do it" in your old bedroom while hoping that the parents, grandparents, and nieces and nephews hear none of it.

I like to think thats what these two will be doing.
In LA. At the Stewart's residence.
And yes, I realize I'm a loser.
With way too much thinking going on in my head.
And maybe visualizing.
Don't judge.

Someone also pointed out that Rob's hand was drawn all over.
Just like KStew's was the other night on Conan.
Umm how cute of a couples thing is that?
Anyway I can't wait for pictures of Rob leaving
Albertsons super market carrying a turkey to surface.


Lastly, something else in my life that I can't seem to get enough of:

The New Moon Soundtrack.
I can't stop listening to it.
Like I could listen to it for hours.
And trust me; I have.
I also can't stop listening to the original score.
Which hasn't leaked on limewire or torrents yet.
But its on youtube. Which is better than nuthin.
SO yes. My ears have been very happy as of late.

Notable favorite song of the moment?
"Possibility" by Lykke Li
It plays when Bella begins to see the seasons changing.
You know, when she is catatonic in front of her window.
And I am balling like a baby.
Cause it breaks my heart every single time.
AND since I don't have a screen cap of that.
I give you this.
Equally sob worthy photo.

On that note: Have a great day!


Ashley said...

Yeah, Ashley Greene's outfit...not so nice...even if you ignore the horrible color, the pants are just too short to make that look work.

Anonymous said...

I hate that K Stew has such a rockin little bod yet insists on dressing like a sullen 13 year old boy. I don't care if you are getting off a plane, there are so so SO many cuter/comfy options. That is all.