Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gorgeous Rob + East Coast Girl + Ashley Greene = Wednesday night rant

Just a few things.

I don't know if its the East Coast Girl in me...
But Rob in a lobster bib..
Eating corn on the cob....
Drinkin beer....
Hello can we please get married now?

Oh hey there Vanity Fair outtakes.
I love that you keep popping up.
Like every week.
I'm not surprised.
If I was a photographer, I'd take like a gazillion photos of you.

Hi Rob.
Are you about to unbutton your shirt?
Cause I don't care what anyone says.
I LOVED what I saw in New Moon.

Keeping up with all of these magazines?
Getting a tad bit expensive.
With that being said,
I will TOTALLY be buying this Friday.

On to my girly crush; Ashley Greene.
She wore quite a few outfits in NYC yesterday.
THESE were my favorites.

LOVE this dress.

LOVE this jacket.

And that is all.

Night Moon


Ashley said...

Corn on the Rob? Rob on the cob?

Hehe, he's so much cuter in real life than he is as a vamp. And you know what? I really think he could play a believable vampire even without the white makeup! I get the vamp vibe from him...reminds me of Damon from VD a little bit in the second pic!

And Ashley Greene, thank you for dressing wonderfully again...please throw out that orange suit you wore the other day!

Ashley said...

More posts please!! :D