Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nov 13 2009 also known as One of the Coolest Days of my Life

So once upon a time, like last year. I said to a dear friend of mine, 'If the Twilight cast goes to Much Music next year for New Moon - I'm totally going.'

For my blog world friends who aren't familiar. Much Music is the Canadian equivalent of MTV (even tho we also have MTV Canada).

And Much Music is conveniently located in the fantastic city of Toronto which is not so conveniently close to me [15 hour drive]

Luckily, its about a 2 hour plane ride away and can be a decently cheap enough flight if you have a couple hundred dollars to throw around. WHICH I didn't really HAVE.

BUT then this happened. And I'm a Twihard so in my head it was a very easy decision.

SO you know this guy?

And for those of you who have see New Moon,
you may recognize this annoyingly cute werewolf Jared.

Well, they sort of went to Much Music in Toronto. And I was sort of there *flails*

While Ashley Greene was originally suppose to be there, she didn't end up attending but nevertheless, I have to admit, EVEN as a non-Emmett or werewolf fan, this was pretty freaking unbelievable to experience. I also got to see the band 'Band of Skulls' sing "Friends" which is on the New Moon soundtrack.VERY cool.

I may have not been a Kellan Lutz fan...
You know.. prior to this.
But now?
Hello Kellan Lutz who was like 3 feet away
when I snapped this shot.
We can now be friends cause yes.
You are hot.

So I will let you enjoy the rest of the hotness because really, there aren't many words to describe this event other than the fact that it was unfreakingbelievable and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I hope you enjoyed the prettiness.


Ashley said...

Kellan Lutz? Kellan Lutz! Chris said this over and over before, during, and after New Moon, hahaha. But he is pretty gorgeous, and in my lowly opinion, moreso than R Pattz! At least in these hot hot hot pics!

Yay, good post! Reminded me that you should come visit AGAIN, multiple times! Yes? Okay, then :)

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