Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day = Ranting

So I realize that I live in Canada.

Part of living in Canada - especially in the east coast - is dealing with snow.

Well dear Mother Nature. ENOUGH WITH IT.

I was reminded this morning of why I hate winter. All 20 cms of it.

*inhales deeply*

Ok - onto some photo ranting.

I discovered this AMAZING fanfic this week.
Actually. By discover I mean it was recomended.
On Twitter by @kstew411
And Twitter is the holy grail of all things amazing.
I warn you. Its not for the, hmm, reserved folk.
It's AU [alternate universe]
Edward is a controlling 27yr old non vampire billionaire.
Bella is a university graduate just trying to get into publishing.
They fall for each other and oh yah.
He's sort a man version of a dominatrix.
Its so ballsy, descriptive, and HOT; I *flail* everytime.
Do yourself a favor if you like fanfic and

this was an excuse for me to use this hot photo of Robsten.

Also on Twitter this week.
I was reminded of this hotter than sex photo.
Srsly. I'm not settling till I find a man with THAT
kind of hair. for realz.
Oh and that bum too.

Remember Me Poster was Released.
Ummm yes hi. I would like to Emilie de Ravin thx.

"Up in the Air"
the movie i may sneak out on christmas night to go see
Hello George Clooney.
You already know how much I love you.
Please keep staying sexy
So I can keep *flailing*

AND in myopinion
The belle of the ball
Miss Anna Kendrick
I am telling all of you now.
After this movie, she will NOT be known as
Bella's friend 'Jessica' in those Twilight movies.
You heard it here.


Anonymous said...

okay, good, im not the only one that reads fanfic! i thought i was such a nerd for it! ill def check that one also in LOVE with this one..its so fucked up. lovelove

ive pretty much read ten stories in the past two weeks. haha

Anonymous said...

oh,and when i said read ten stories in the past two weeks, to clarify, i mean ten separate fanfics. haha

C r y s t a l said...

Oooh I think @kstew411 recomended Wide Awake too!! I will have to check that out now that I'm caught up to Master of the Universe!!


Ashley said...

Anna Kendrick is getting some pre-Oscar buzz, actually, so good for her :)

PS, KStew and Patz have very similar facial features in the first pic, they look like beautiful siblings. K-Pattincest fan fic?