Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things that I have Realized...

The past week has been a weird one; in a good and bad sort of way.

I did something I didn't think I had the guts to do and you know what, I've never felt better in my entire life.

So here is a post dedicated entirely to random things I realized in the past week. takemetobliss style.

I am using this photo because I really don't have a
sad, confused, and upset photo of myself.
who does?

I realized that sometimes, loving someone, no matter how much, will not make them love you in return. It won't make them change their mind if they already know that they don't want you in their life anymore. And sometimes, when you love someone, you love them enough to let them go. And you know what? All of this will only make you a hell of a lot stronger in the end. I'm now living proof that three and a half years with someone coming to an end will NOT kill you. It will give you nervous giggles, plenty of smiles, and a heart once again filled with warm love for yourself at the thought that soon, you'll have someone worthy of that heart to share all of that love with once again. As well as leg hitches, plenty of leg hitches, you know, among other funsies involving twisting of bedsheets. And that my friends, is my official statement regarding the breakup.

I realized that the first official Runaways still is the fiercest, coolest, shot of life. Seriously. How bad ass do kStew and dFan look? I am more than excited for this movie based on this photo alone.


I realized that when Taylor Swift straightens her hair - she looks like Charlize Theron. Or in other words, doesn't even look like the same person. -shakes head- I'm confused.

I've realized that my girly crush on Anna Kendrick is growing. I also realized I am very much in love with this outfit.

Alright. It is now time to bundle up and brave the cold to go find the annual Richard Family Christmas Tree. Let's see if we can break our record time of 1.00min last year. measured from time of pulling into tree lot and pulling out of tree lot. Srsly. I can't make this stuff up people.


Ashley said...

I'm a TSwift hater, so I'll go stand to the left, now...

Good on you for deciding to be happy :) I've learned that happiness doesn't just fall into your lap this year...gotta make it happen on your own, as cheesy as that sounds.

I propose a toast that 2010 will be KICK ASS for both of us, kthxbye


C r y s t a l said...

How much do I love that your last line reminded me of Vampire Diaries <3 and to that I say 'hear hear'

Ashley said...

Did a career-day poster almost fall on your head, too? :P

We are so Elena and Bonnie. I'm cool with being a witch, and Damon is sooo into me. And I bet you're cool with dating a super hot vampire and being the HBIC (head bitch in charge!) - Elena is so much better than Bella, in every way.