Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I think I have done a considerably good job at being 'good' this year. You know me, fond believer in karma so if I was bad, I probably did something to try and make some wrong a right.

When I was a kid, I would always ask you for the latest, "cool" toy at Christmas. I was never really greedy but this Christmas, I have been reading this new feature in our paper every day, titled 'Letters To Santa' and I realized something.

Little kids are greedy as hell. Seriously. How do you keep up with the demands?

One kid litterally asked for an: iPod Touch, Transformers, Nintendo DS, Super Mario Brothers, 4 tickets to the next Linkin Park concert (cause apparently you know the tour dates before ticketmaster or even the band does. you're cool like that. do you know Alice Cullen? You two should be besties). Sorry, where was I? RIGHT. Legend of Zelda, Lego, and lastly, one small thing, a LAPTOP.

I figure if this child can ask for all of this, well, then I can put in a few requests too. Except I'm going to make this even easier for you. I don't need to find these wishes underneath the Christmas tree.

YOU can deliver these any day of the year.

So lets begin.

The Leg Hitch scene in Eclipse. I'm sure that I am one of many hundred thousands of twihards requesting this so really, you're job just got that much easier.


A really interestingly awesome movie-style hook-up. It doesn't have to lead to him being "the one" or maybe it can. I just want a good story to tell. How many billion people on the planet? Just pick one hot, late twenties-early thirties year old man, with tousled hair, tall and handsome. Or Robert Pattinson if he's free. You know, just sayin.

Throw him into one the many airport bars I'll be frequenting with my job in the new year and VOILA. I practically completed this present for you.

A career. It doesn't have to be the one I'll have forever but something interesting, challenging, and rewarding would be fantastic.

And lastly....

My last Christmas Wish.
Which could be easy.
Or it could be hard.
Would simply be.
To fall in love.
For real this time.
No more heartbreak.
The ticker can not take it.
I'm talking, head over heels, can't live with you,
I want to lie wrapped up in your arms forever ...
and most importantly.
he'll feel exactly the same way.

That's all for now Santa. I didn't bother leaving out xmas cookies but I totally left you some Whiskey instead, cause lets face it, by the time you hit Canada, you NEED a pick me up.

Travel safe, tell Mrs. Clause I say hello and Merry Christmas.



Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope Santa brings you everything you could ever dream of too!



Jayde said...

Awww, I love this post! Very, very cute.
Merry Christmas to you, too!!


JoJo said...

awww, i hope you get everything you ask for, you deserve it!!! Thanks for keeping us so entertained with your blog, i love new entries!! Happy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post .... I hope santa gives you all of this ... throughout the year !!!