Wednesday, December 30, 2009

its the end of a decade

I don't know where time went but it sure as hell went by fast this year.

So in celebration of the year that was, 2009, and the last in this decade, I decided to do a post featuring 25 exciting things that I did in 2009. Including turning 25, so the number seemed appropriate.

It's a picture heavy post but the commentaries are short and sweet. I promise. Really.

25 Exciting Things That I'll Never Forget About 2009


I rang in the New Year healthy, happy, and in love.
and with tequilla. obviously.


I turned 25.


Two very special friends of mine gave me this.
Pocket Edward is my homeboy.

I partied in a limo before being dropped off at a concert.
Doesn't everybody?

I got the Twilight Bluray a week before the rest of the world did.
Epic Win.


I danced in a cage at a bar called 'Sweetwaters'

I got really into men's curling.
And stalking their hot players from Switzerland.


I bought my first car.
And it's still running.
Another epic win for 2009.

We formed the El Topaz gang.
Named after said first car.
We have yet to commit anything gang related.


I spent a lot of time at a certain "empty" bar.
You know, with wicked friends.


I bought my third Coach purse.
And fell in love with Freeport, Maine.


I fell madly in love with Boston.
And ate at the original Cheers.
Everyone did not know my name.


I went to my first and hopefully not last,
Red Sox Game at Fenway Park.
They won.


Visited my first Six Flags.


Fell in love with Cape Cod.
Now dream of going back.


Drank Coronas after a hot day at the beach.


Braved a hurricane so I could take this photo.
And you know, look like a weather reporter.


Got a very cool job and went to Toronto.


Saw Colin Firth at this restaurant.
Yes - he's pretty sexy in the flesh.
Err. Tuxedo.


Went as Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood for Halloween.


Got to see one of my favorite shows 'MTV Aftershow'.
From the second row of live audience.


Was 3 feet away from Kellan Lutz.
Yes - he's freakin gorgeous in person.
And yes - I swooned.


Acted like a dork for the New Moon premiere.
With absolutely no shame.


Enjoyed my 25th Christmas with my amazing parents.


Survived a broken heart.

Cheers 2010.... I can't wait to remisce about you a year from now.

Wishing you all a safe and exciting New Years Eve and a very, very, Happy New Year! <3



Anonymous said...

My favourite comment was the one about not everyone knowing your name at Cheers hahaha, great post! Makes me want to go through my pics and do the same!....on my non-existent blog

<3 Britt

Jayde said...

Ohhhh I L.O.V.E. this post!!
And you ate such a gorgeous girl! You always look so lovely and smiley.
Here's to a fabulous 2010 ;)


Jayde said...

Okay, that's supposed to say ARE not ATE!!!!! haha
Damn iPhone spell check!

C r y s t a l said...

Aww thank you lovely!

Happy 2009 to you as well! :) You'll be living in the new year before I will!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy new years! What a great year you had!!! hope next year is even better!

Ashley said...

I want a new blog post. It's been, like, infinity years. Don't even get me started.