Friday, April 9, 2010

because we love her

birthdays pretty much rock. we all know this. unless of course you are turning 30 and you don't want to turn 30. guaranteed I will be bitching about THAT birthday in four years. *shudders* or you're turning 50 and you KNOW your family is going to embarrass the hell out of you with all that over-the-hill bullshit. Glad I don't have to worry about THAT for at least 24 years. Which - really, upon writing that number down brings to my attention my 50th is looming a lot sooner than I realized. *really shudders*

thats right. this will totally be my 5oth bday shirt.
you know. 24yrs from now.

ANYWAY - generally birthdays are very fun and very exciting.

Well, it's KStew's birthday today. 20th to be exact. Yes that's right Rob, your girlfriend is no longer a teen and you can now breathe relief. But hey, none of us judged you for dating a 19 year old because your Robert Fucking Pattinson and she is the Stew. We love you regardless. we do think its weird the puppy is going to fall in love with your newborn baby in Breaking Dawn tho. so yeah.

yes. this is creepy as SHIT.
someone call To Catch a Predator NOW.

Rumors have spread that Kstew is in Budapest right now probably covered in sweat naked in bed with Rob Errr CELEBRATING with Rob for her 20th. I searched Google Images for an image of a typical birthday in Hungary; you don't want to know what I found. I think we can all agree that so long as one is with Robert Pattinson on their birthday, one could be in Antarctica and it would be off the hook.

So because she is one of my favorite leading ladies and its her birthday I give you my Kristen Stewart photo post; complete with a few of my favorite photos of The Stew.

Vanity Fair Stew
she makes me feel less insecure about my two front teeth
which some of you may not know are bigger than the rest
true story.
also true story?
I don't have buckteeth.
just to clarify.

Oscar Stew

Bazaar Robsten
you know he loves her
and she's one of the luckiest girls in the world for that

Bafta Stew
I admit.
I was twittering & driving when I found out she won.
I think I nearly rear-ended someone.

Not Stew BUT
only a boyfriend has that smile of pride
and this pic gives me butterflies.

New Moon Premiere Stew
Quite honestly my favorite photo of the Stew
one word

1 comment:

Jayde said...

I pretty much love her all the time.
And seeing New Moon only intensified it by like, 45998426249842. Yup, that's a lot.
I LOVE her badassness.
Her "I don't give a fuck what you think" attitude.
Her hair is AHMAYZING!
I mean, that top pic from VF with the pup? G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
And she seriously rocks eye makeup like nobody's bidness.
She is just awesome.
Happy B'day, Stew!