Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My public service announcement to YOU

Ok - sometimes here at takemetobliss I like to dish out some recommendations.

I'm a pretty easy going individual so I won't chase you down and bite your head off wolfpack style if you don't take my recommendation unless we are talking about Team Edward vs Team Jacob and then my fangs might come out. true story.

But I feel that I wouldn't be doing my job as a blogger if I wasn't letting you all know about wonderful things going on in the world out there that might interest you or bring joy to your life. So here it is - the official first take me to bliss Public Service Announcement.

Attention all Followers looking to get addicted to a new TV Show.
May I make a little recommendation?
NBC's Parenthood.
The cast is amazing.
*cough* Peter Krause *cough*
I've loved you since Six Feet Under.
You make being a husband & father SO hot.
Just sayin.
Seriously - if you are not watching this show
I can only ask one thing.
Try it. I think you'll like it.
If not, as I said. I will not come after you.

ATTENTION all Followers looking to get into the classics!
And by classics - I mean movies from the 1990's
Based on books from the 1800's
I give you THIS

Great Expectations 1998
I watched this movie shortly after Titanic came out
I was fourteen and itching for what every 14 yr old girl wants.
Hot Sex Scenes in Movies to make me dream about adulthood.
So I rented this.
And let me just say this much.
Old School Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow know how to

Yes - that is a mid afternoon kiss over a water fountain
But THEY make it so much sexier than that.

Still not convinced?
Ethan Hawk screaming in the rain in this trailer
SHOULD make what i'm saying obvious.

ATTENTION all Followers who are addicted to fanfiction.
I have been reading fanfiction SINCE the Titanic days.
For instance, when I realized that even though Jack died.
He didn't die in fanfiction.
Or he did but left Rose preggo with a cute baby Jack.
Or she thought he died but then he found her and it was AMAZING.
What I'm trying to say is that I *LOVE* good fanfiction.
And I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* good Twilight related fanfiction.
More specifically All Human (no vampire/werewolf business) fanfiction.
Like THIS:

I have raved about Master of the Universe on here already.
I now want to tell any fanfic lovers that if you know whats good for you,
you will go read The University of Edward Masen

Edward is a 33 yr old gorgeous rich arrogant asshole Prof at UofToronto.
Yes - I am loving the Canada presence in the story.
Bella is his 23 yr old virginal masters student.
They have a past only he doesn't remember said past.
Jacob is her jackass ex-boyfriend.
Edward obviously becomes enamored by her.
She's so in love she's thinkin that v-card is going to him.
It is SO beautifully written.
Story SO well told.
Even the lightest kiss is described with such - detail...
I die every time.
do it do it do it
Then tell me you did it.

And that is the end of my first take me to bliss Public Service Announcement.


Jayde said...

I haven't read an Twi FanFic except for one short story that was a bit meh. Mostly, it scares me. But since I've heard you and KStew411 and a few others raving about MotU I have been seriously considering reading it.
Or should I start with something smaller?

C r y s t a l said...

hmm - this is a good question. when I started motu, it was about 40 chapters in. Now its at like 80. But its just SO good. I say try it!

Anonymous said...

I started reading MOTU from your mentioning of it... and oh man did I fall head first into it. I read the entire 87 chapters in 4 days. Not kidding. It consumed my life. I so wish it wasn't over. I want 87 MORE chapters. I kinda wish I had got the slow burn along with the rest of the readers & read it weekly as it came... Thank goodness for a new recomendation.

*Runs off to start UoEM*