Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's gorgeous - and that is that

So like most fangirls and twihards, I have watched New Moon quite a few times since I picked it up the night it came out at midnight. i was totes gonna wait till the morning but couldn't bare to be a shitty fangirl

But then - like three days later, I managed to download a decent quality copy of Remember Me.

Dun dun dun....

You can imagine my sudden predicament. Two Rob movies to chose from. All that Rob goodness. Except - thats complete bullshit. Because really, the choice was very easy. I tired Windows Media Player out with the constant replaying of Remember me over and over and over and over.

WHY? Because first of all, Rob is a million times hotter in Remember Me than he was in New Moon. Haters, srsly, argue your case. You can't do it. Second, have you see the sex scene in that movie? Exactly. Do I really need to prove this point any further?

But tonight, I found myself wanting to put in either Twilight or New Moon. I ended up choosing Twilight for many reasons. Many reasons that inspired a great idea for a Twilight vs New Moon blogpost. But not tonight - cause Parenthood is on and that is my new tv show obsession.

I WILL get back to the reason for this post; Rob being gorgeous.

I dont care what anyone says
holy shit

brought THIS gorgeous photo to my attention
I need a boyfriend.


this IS a
but its so good that I can't not post this.
I mean the hand???
please go drool now....


Anonymous said...

by manip do you mean that's not actually him? LOVE the new header!

Jayde said...

Oh, YUM!
What a lovely blog post to read first up in the morning :D
Oh Robilie. I have seriously started to ship you. And Crystal, I blame you! haha. Not that I mind . . . they ARE effing gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

hand in pants - DIES.