Friday, March 26, 2010

You know you don't have a life when....

It's Friday Night. I'm single. I'm young. I should be out on the town, right?


The bad news is; i'm not.

The good news is; i'm blogging.
And in true takemetobliss fashion, i'm more or less ranting. ready?

Exhibit A
two words
marketing GENIUSES
HBO knows how to spend the marketing dollas
I would very much like to be on THIS marketing team
Because they are pretty much unfuckingbelievable.
LIKE their equally unfuckingbelievable show.
hey June 13th? please hurry the hell up.

Exhibit B
if you are not watching this show: you should be
I love the books
The books are lame now
this show OWNS me.

Exhibit C

oh hai Ashley Greene
you are back from Berlin
and I'm reminded of my major girly crush on you.
and i LOVE your top.
and your ridiculously long locks I can only dream of

Exhibit D

Let me tell you a story
B & I had tickets to this opening night
We bought the tickets early
We showed up early
We did not get a seat because it was a shitshow
Three weeks later I finally saw it
I'm totally agreeing with everyone tho
The 3D wasn't necessary.
The most thrilling 3D part for myself was the growing
mushroom on the corner of the screen in the credits

Exhibit E
Edward you are NOT wearing that jacket
no no no no no no NO
You know that is why Bella is bitchfacing you right now
B: Edward you did not seriously wear that
E: What.. Whats wrong with it?
B: Ugh - lets go Jacob.

Alright - time to get back to my very boring, very non-eventful Friday night.

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Jayde said...

Oh God.
That jacket is MAYJAH facepalm!