Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can I have just ONE minute to say something?

So THIS came out today.

Which obviously delighted me and was a better sight to wake up to than the fact that I don't have a job and I'm running out of money and am stressin the hell out. But that's neither here nor there.

What I DO want to talk about, is the letter I would write to whoever created this poster. Since I do not know who this person is, Summit is getting the blame. which lets not get me started on how much Summit pissed me off with giving Canada ZERO exciting New Moon options. *Ahem*

Dear Summit,
Can you please explain something to me? I realize that the sun never comes out in Forks and I realize that naturally, Bella would not have a tan on account of this. It does not mean she needs to look DEAD. Seriously? Could you MAKE her any paler? She's paler than Edward for
Godsakes. What are you going to make her look like in the poster when she IS a vampire? A MIME? CASPER the GHOST? *shakes head* I thought we fixed this in New Moon. Making Edward finally paler than Bella and giving her a little bit of a glow, since she is, after all, ALIVE. Don't even get me started on the wig, which, lucky for you, you edited enough to look half decent in this still image. Can't say the same for the actual trailer *shudders*
As far as Edward is concerned - I was pretty excited he is wearing a
vneck shirt. I have already expressed my feelings on what he does to me in a vneck shirt - preferably white but I'll take this grey one. And you are giving us leg hitch, so I'll shut up.
And we know I do not discuss Jacob. There was no choice. Your whole "It all begins... with a choice."
tagline is bullshit. Didn't you hear her at the end of New Moon? She said don't make me choose. Because its HIM. It's always been HIM. *facepalm*

Me - *
facepalming* all the way from the east coast.

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