Friday, March 19, 2010

Remember Me Premieres

So we all know how much I love Remember Me.

Seriously - when TV spots now say 'It will stay with you', I practically start sobbing all over again because it is disgustingly true.

But since take me to bliss is newly returned, I didn't get a chance to blog about the two Remember Me premieres in New York City and London. And of course - I love any chance to post swoon worthy Rob photos and discuss fashion choices.
Speaking of which - next post will be a KStew fashion post. Because really - she has worn some INCREDIBLE outfits as of recently. So I'm drafting a fun post with a little input from my lovely friend B on our fashion thoughts regarding the Stews attires.

And now I rant...

I absolutely LOVE these two.
Now please don't get me wrong.
I do love Rob and the Stew.
But there is something about Rob and Emilie that... well...
*flails*I think they are gorgeous together.

But lets start with the New York City Premiere:

Seriously - how much do I love Ruby.
I heart her so much.
I want her to be *my* little sister.
And of course the sight of Rob with her?*kills* me.

this photo totally doesnt make me think of these
two procreating... not at all.. I swear...
*shifty eyes*

Rob I don't know what it is about you.
I seriously dislike the real men in my life scruffy.
It does not make me want to makeout with them.
But YOU scruffy and all disheveled?
Why is that?

Again with the EPIC cuteness.
And you know - ovary dancing.

Emilie - I love you.
You know this.
NOT feeling this dress.
Or the shoes.
I actually love the dress from the front...but once I get a side view, my love fades.
But its ok because...

At the LONDON, premiere......

I love love love LOVED your dress.
And people will hate me for it.
In fact, I know a lot of people hated it.
But this is my blog so I reserve the right to MY opinion.
I want want want...


*dead* x 1000
momentarily forget you fuck kstew
and was reminded of THIS

................ ok I'm back to the living.

And of course - every great premiere ends in an epic after party and in the case of Rob - a beanie.

only you make hobo hats look hawt.

And my friends - that is all from me tonight.

For any of you off to midnight New Moon release parties HAVE FUN. Take pictures and BLOG about it!!! You can be sure I will blog about the Eclipse scene as soon as it leaks online since Canada is an EPIC FAIL when it comes to New Moon offerings. Our dvd options are b-o-r-i-n-g.

Until then - Happy New Moon!!!! & Comments are Bliss!!!!


Jayde said...

Emilie's London premiere dress?
And um, WOW.
Rob and Em look ahmayzing together.
Like, could you imagine their kids?!?!
They would be almost too hot to look at.
I think for me the reason Em looks so good with him is because she is so incredibly different to KStew.
Who I DO love. But there is something about Rob and Em.
(Listen to me calling her Em like we're besties! haha)

Anonymous said...

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C r y s t a l said...

hahaha Jayde I like to think I'm besties with "Em" too. Its true. She just breathes a life in Rob I find. They are totally gorgeous together.

I'm glad you love her London premiere dress too!! I totally want it.