Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The first ever B&C Fashion Post

Alright - I told you about it a month ago and while it took a little longer to get organized and bring it to you, it's finally here. The first official take me to bliss fashion post which will officially be called B & C Fashion Post.

Yes friends - if you have never seen my face that would be me on the left "C" and one of my besties on the right "B". I realize considering the picture it should have been C&B but I wanted to stick with alphabetical order. If that annoys you profoundly, well, sorry?

B is the ultimate fashionista. While I consider myself to have good sense in fashion, I consider B to have even greater sense in fashion. For instance, when I went to her place to work on this post on a rainy Sunday, the woman was ironing and still looked cute and fashionable. She knows how to make clothes work, she is bold and daring with outfits, and she can always tell you what designer did what and spot a good pair of designer shoes from a mile away. This girl has a shoe collection I love to be envious of and I maintain one day she will get me addicted to online shopping. B loves to follow fashion blogs and I love to call her up to tell her what my favorite celebrities kstew kstew kstew wore out to the latest event.

So when my particular girl crush KStew had a very busy month of February popping up all over the planet in a variety of outfits, I immediately knew I wanted to do a KStew Fashion Post and I wanted B's help.

Because let's face it - Stewie could wear a paper bag and I'd still love her. She doesn't give a shit and I admire that.

B's job was to offer her thoughts on all of the outfits from a non-Kstew obsessed point of view and I think the result is very entertaining, very funny, and 100% light-hearted.

Because we can say we hate what Kstew wore all we want but you know what? She's rich, she has a closet we would kill for, and she's fucking Rob Pattinson. Need I say more?

Baftas March 2010
dress: Channel
shoes: Robert Vivier

C "I have to give the girl credit for maintaining her flawlessness in the rain. NOT easy but after viewing countless shots and angles of this dress I have to agree with what everyone else said about this dress. It wasn't flattering - which is nearly impossible because KStew doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body - and it washed her out."
B "Shoes are hot hot hot! I really like the idea of the dress but it just doesn't fit her well. Some people think white is too bride - but I don't think so."

Burberry Fashion Show
skirt: Burberry
blouse: Burberry
shoes: Bally Stan

C *flails* "I loved this outfit.LOVED it. Those shoes are my favorite Kstew shoes. They slay me. That skirt KILLED me. And you know what, not many people in the world could pull that skirt off. Of course Kstew could."
B "So this one I am SO in love with that skirt. But the top washes her out really bad. I would say this one is one of her more elegantly stylish looks."

Elle UK Style Awards
dress: Emilio Pucci
shoes: Bally Amantea

C "Ok I am a sucker for any dress that has pockets. Except wedding dresses. Those should not have pockets. The pockets though are obviously on the lower part of the dress - the part I love. The top part? Not so crazy about it. It flattens her chest out WAY too much. The shoes? Gah. I want them."
B "Definitely love the shoes. Big fan of pockets in dresses. I think the color is kind of boring and the top needs to be twisted to the middle."

Runaways Press Junket
dress: Herve Leroux

C *dead* "I want this dress BAD. Kstew always seems to dress really comfy to go to press junkets. Jeans and tees sometimes belonging to Rob so this was really nice to see for a change. The neckline is so flattering and I think she looks flawless."
B "It's classic and she actually looks beautiful!"

Regis & Kelly
pants: Juicy Couture
top: unknown
shoes: Bally Stan *not seen in photo

C "One thing: I wish I could pull off those leggings. wait - sorry I lied! two things! I want that trench."
B "She's SMILING - I'm happy! She has killer legs for those leggings! And I like the outfit - especially because C told me she changes those shoes once she gets in to the show."
C "B - you KNOW you have worn sneakers to work and changed into heels when you got there. Come on now."

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
dress: Jasmine di Milo
shoes: Christian Louboutin

C *facepalm* "I'm just gonna say it. I did not like this dress. That not one ounce of body fat I mentioned above? This made her look like it existed even though we know it didn't."
B "It's taupe - so that's bad right there. So I really like the sequined mini but its just not flattering. I just want to add that I don't hate it."
C "It makes her boobs look pre-pubescent."

The Tonight Show
dress: Stella McCartney
shoes: Christian Louboutin

C *sigh* "Louboutins - how I love thee. This dress killed me. I loved it. I know some of you are gonna say it's too plain and that's fine. I love it and it's my blog. Go write on your own blog that you hate it."
B "Oh man the shoes were awesome! I like it - I guess it's her. It's really simple. You know some jewelry would be nice but..."

New York 'Remember Me' Premiere
pants: Burberry
top: Revolution Rock tshirt worn inside out
jacket: 1020 by Nicole
shoes: Bally Stan

C "I want to have a love affair with those SHOES. Ok - if I had blogged about this outfit the night of or the day after, this would have gone an entirely different way. BUT I waited until a month later to get my shit together so here it is: I LIKE this look. I LIKE the leggings. We know I LOVE the shoes. I want the jacket and you know what? I LOVE that she wore a tshirt INSIDE OUT to a fucking premiere. Give her hell all you want - when you are stuck, you find a way to make do with what you have. Kstew did that - so sue her."
B "Brocade pants? She has the totally wrong top for those pants. I love the leather jacket on the red carpet *looks at C* but I don't know why you like those shoes so much."
C "It's because of THAT" -points to the platform which is visible in a closeup image NOT on here; my bad-

L.A. Runaways Premiere
dress: Doo.ri
shoes: Jimmy Choo

C "I like the shoes?"
B "I'm happy she's attempting a nice pink color but its like she honestly did not look in a full length mirror before leaving the house. It's just SO ill-fitting and I HATE her swept back hair. Her Liberace hair!!!"
C "Calm down B."

New York Runaways Premiere
dress: Emilio Pucci
shoes: Sergio Rossi

C "I love love love this dress. It only proves what we already know. Girl has killer legs. And those shoes? Rob totally loves those shoes in the bedroom."
B "I lovvvvveeee that dress. I love the colors and I love the design and I like her little peep toe shoes. I like that her hair is in an up-do but I hate this swept bangs thing. I wanna say - one of my favorite dresses on her. I really have to emphasize how much I love those shoes."

SXSW Runaways Screening
dress: Jasmine Di Milo

C "Guaranteed Rob just about DIED when he saw photos of her that night. I know I died. I freakin love this dress. It is SO the Stew. I also loved the hair and I realize B is going to kill me for saying that. From someone who swears by red lipstick to another - LOVE the makeup look."
B "It's super super hot! Very Angelina but I hate her hair and I like that it's not black."
B totally had a Tomb Raider poster in her dorm room in college.
true story

Oscars 2010
dress: Monique Lhuillier

C *flails* "I have never been a prouder fangirl that when I saw HER looking like THAT on the red carpet that night. She was gorgeous! Mark my words. I want a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress one day. Her hair! Her makeup! Her jewelry! She was EPICALY flawless."
B "This dress is stunning! And she looks amazing! I just wish she would have put on a nice necklace or something. It's just a really nice style on her."

And that dear friends and followers completes the first ever take me to bliss B & C Fashion Post. If you enjoyed it, please let me know! B and I would love to do it again!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Kstew's outfits so far in 2010! Comments are bliss! <3


Anonymous said...

LOVED it, though I might be biased :P After reading what I actually said to you, I realize I need to focus better, that is all.
OH! And oh my goodness! Thank you for the compliments at the beginning! Yeesh! Too kind. Now I'm trying to remember what I was wearing when I was ironing :P

Jayde said...

Oh man, where to begin?!
Thank GOD you have a pop-up comment window so I can scroll back to the top with ease and tell you what I love!
BAFTAs dress: Gorgeous fabric but definitely not flattering on her.
Burberry fashion show: Hadn't actually seen this pic but I do quite like her outfit! I love that she's gone for a skirt and top look as opposed to her normal mini dress style.
Elle UK Style Awards: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! One of my all-time fave Stew-fits.
Runaways press junket - so classy, beautiful and demure. Love the cut of the dress on her, it very flattering (it gives her a rack! haha) and the hair is very pretty. Love.
Jimmy Fallon - I actually quite liked this one . . . but I also LOVE her on Fallon so I think I am MAYJAH-ly bias.
Tonight Show - Don' think I've seen this either. L.O.V.E. the Louboutins and I am very partial to Stella McCartney!
NYC 'Remember Me' prem - I did not like this at all. I blame the leggings.
LA 'Runaways' prem - I love that she wore pink. Because she is definitely not a pink type of girl. I just wish she'd picked something that fit her properly. A for effort!
NYC 'Runaways' prem - LOVE! Gorgeous print, she looks HAWT!
SXSW - Did not love the dress. At all. I did, however, think she looked all kinds of hot with red lips! I wanna see more of that shit!
OSCARs - I was such a proud mama! She looked SO FRIGGIN CLASSY! PERFECT cut for her, the colour is AHMAYZING, I love how it looks black when I think it's actually a dark inky blue? So beautiful. Hair and makeup were also perfect. May I also add that I got PISSED when people made such a huge deal out of her teeny little cough?! Jeez.


Also, I LOVE that you love KStew, too! Because my friends hate her.

Ashley said...

Disappointed! I thought it was going to be you and Britt modeling your various hawt outfits!

I think you should do this for your next fashion post. You two dress better than K Stew any day <3

Miss you two!!

Anonymous said...

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