Friday, April 16, 2010

Romeo & Juliet; The Twilight of my Generation

So last night, I went to see the Atlantic Ballet Company's performance of the timeless classic Romeo & Juliet. It was fantastic and I'm not just saying that because we had wine in the lobby and schmoozed with fancy people. It was seriously great and honestly - some of those guys in it looked damn sexy in spandex. Just sayin.

But all the while, it got me thinking about the movie Romeo & Juliet. No - not the one from the 50's where after he and Juliet make love, Romeo runs around naked with his penis flapping around. THAT was an awkward moment in tenth grade english class.

I'm talking about the one from OUR generation from 1996. I realize that some of my followers are a lot younger than me but I'm pretty sure you've probably seen the most recent Romeo & Juliet because what girl didn't go through a Leonardo DiCaprio phase? Right? Come on now.

When I got home from the theatre - after I watched last night's Vampire Diaries and DIED - I decided to curl up and watch R&J. Within five minutes of watching it, I was like BLOG POST. Because there is SO much to be said about that movie.

So lets do this.

Before there was Twilight and before there was Rob Pattinson - yes its hard to think about life before Steph Meyers spawned her now sacred novels - I had several majorly influencial "obsessions." I hate using the "obsession" word because really, when I think of someone being obsessed I think of that blonde chick in that stupid Beyonce movie 'Obsessed' and seriously, I may be a die hard fan but I am far from being fit for a straight jacket. no matter what any exboyfriends might say

oh hi there Twilight once upon a time before you were even a
dream in Steph Meyers
full of herself head, I had other priorities.

Such as THIS:

yes i have this poster stolen from a local theatre
stolen being key word here people

I first saw Romeo & Juliet at - wait for it friends who live in my city - the PARAMOUNT theatre downtown which is now a place where underage girls go to get drunk and hopefully - if they are lucky - get pregnant and/or crabs. Yes they paved paradise and turned it into a fucking nightclub. I will never get over the loss of that old school theatre because it was the very best.

I convinced my mother to take me to see the movie on February 27th 1996. Yes - I remember the date. I'm THAT good of a fangirl. I had pre-planned to fall madly in love with the blonde hottie in it - you know, the one named after that famous dead painter - so I had bought the latest Teen Magazine which featured a one page poster of him. I had told my mother I had to buy the poster under false pretenses - it was the prom issue - and I needed it to help plan for prom. When we arrived home from the movie that night - my mother confused and trying to understand what she had just seen - and me IN LOVE, I immediately went upstairs, cut out said poster, stuck it to my wall and kissed it goodnight. PECKED people. I was 13 - I didn't do french kisses back then.

It was THAT movie that started the original fangirl in me and I was fangirling over Leo well into university. Until the fateful day I saw Aviator and my love for him went to shit.

Ok that was my rant about the beginning of my fangirling at the ripe age of 13. Thirteen years later, still going strong. But what REALLY inspired the blog post last night was the fact that I'm sure a lot of you are unware of WHERE some of the actors in Romeo and Juliet who were unfamiliar to us when it came out, ended up. I am willing to bet there was at least ONE actor in Romeo and Juliet who's name meant nothing to you when the movie came out but now you are all 'omg THEY were in Romeo & Juliet?'

Thats right - im bringing you a THEN and NOW post. And this took hours so give me some love please.

Old School Leo:

oh hai there brooding romeo/leo
you had the original sex hair. I will give you that.


I wish I could say you aged well...
but I cannot.
I do still sort of love you tho

Old School Claire Danes

we know what YOU are lookin at through that fishtank.


ok so other than stepping out to fashion shows with KStew
Claire Danes doesn't really make many movies it seems.
But we all loved her in Family Stone so there she is.
I would say SHE has aged beautifully.

Old School John Leguizmo

Yes - bad ass Tybalt in R&J
The cousin who makes out with his aunt.
Very Shakespearean.


there is something to be said when your career turns you into
a computer generated prehistoric loveable creature, right? no?
sorry John Leguizmo - I tried

Old School Jesse Bradford

I remember when I first IMDB'd this kid.
I thought Romeo's man servant/friend was cute.
He didn't even have a picture.


He not only has a picture.
He was stalked "obsessively" by that chick in Swimfan.
give her the straight jacket
And madeout with Kristen Dunst in Bring it On
Great Success, no?

Old School Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy was in Romeo & Juliet
I forget about this 98% of the time.


I think its important to comment not on what he went on to do
but WHO he went on to do
Say hi to the new Mr. Jennifer Love Hewitt.
I don't get it nor will I ever get it.
If you get it, please explain it to me.

LASTLY - the I bet you forgot HE was once an embarassment in this movie

Old School PAUL RUDD

Yes I still *facepalm* seeing him trying to "woo" Juliet
in that hideous astronaut outfit


Anchorman? I Love You Man?
Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Knocked Up?
40 Year Old Virgin???
Yes - you slay me and you know it.

I leave you with one last observation:

I dont think my taste in men has changed much in 13 years


Jayde said...

Oh. My. GOD!
I did NOT realise Jesse Bradford was in Romeo & Juliet! He's such a cute.
And Jamie Kennedy was in it, too?! Woah. Here I was thinking he was just famous for dating that annoying actress.
And of course, Leo = <3
I remember my Titanic phase well.
I watched it so many times I ended up dreaming that my room was sinking.

Anonymous said...

Yes they paved paradise and turned it into a fucking nightclub. - Best line from the post! And let's not forget that John Leguizamo was in one of my all time faves! Moulin Rouge! Although, honestly, Ice Age is also a fave of mine. Great post!


ChronicNerd said...

We may have all had our Loe loves, but none as stong as yours... I recall pulling the back off of a cabinet in the music room to rescue your TeenBeat cut out one lunch hour in grade 6,7 or 8... it's hard to remember when exactly because you two had a long relationship.... good times