Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lets get physical... physical

Alright - I was hit with inspiration today.

Summer is fastly approaching thank you jesus AND summer means the beach. it means summer vacay. it means lounging by the pool. it means bathing suits. it means wobbly bits a la Bridget Jones being extremely vulnerable to judging eyes. *shudders*

Last summer, I found comfort in a little thing I love called the Tankini

this is not me. if this were ME,
I would not be wearing a tankini

Ah yes - the wonderful tankini. Ladies love it and apparently men hate it. Case and point?

The Ex.

yeah - this guy
disclaimer : i don't harbour said bad feelings or wish harm on him 90% of time

In all seriousness, I have to thank the Ex because it's his harsh words about the fact I chose to wear a tankini last summer that are really driving this new mission of mine. That and the fact now being single involves naked leg hitching with potential future hubbies. Oops - did I just say that?

So where am I going with this? Yes - you guessed it. I am getting my ass into gear and come hell or high water ditching the tankini this summer.

And I would like to introduce my workout buddy: Jillian Michaels

yes i'm aware she is a nazi workout bitch.

Have you watched the show Biggest Loser? This woman is INSANE. Quite honestly, she scares the living shit out of me. Which is good. And thankfully she isn't going to be in my living room in any other shape or form than on my tv screen.

Its called the 30 Day Shred and if done properly, you can supposedly lose up to 20 pounds in 30 Days.

i don't know whats scarier.
THAT or Jillian Michaels.

It's 20 minutes a day. Every day. 30 days. My first day was today and I am dead.

So every MONDAY will be a 30 Day Shred Count post. Because I know a lot of you WANT to know if this stuff ACTUALLY works. And before anyone assumes that I have bad self-esteem or think I need to lose 50 pounds please stop right there. I just want to tone up and feel good about myself. I think feeling good about yourself is better than any number on the scale.

B told me last night that I have inspired her - which totally made me *squee* - so that's reason there to keep this up. That and the fact I would like to wear a bikini again this summer. and look good in bed...

Ok ready. set. go! Update next Monday.


Ashley said...

Good luck with the workout!! Way to go :)

I'm actually working on GAINING weight, haha. But in a good way (muscle). I'm going to be HUGE.

Love you, and miss you!

And I heart your blog! <3

Ashley said...

PS Tankinis are awesome, and sometimes more practical. Like, if you go to the beach and you want to swim in the waves! It's harder to lose your top in a tankini than it is in a string bikini :)

Ashley said...

OK, last comment (sorry). You should keep your faithful readers updated weekly on your progress!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try this! And when we both have jobs and money you should come with me to yoga as well! We'll be workout goddesses! Marc hates tankinis too, and while I don't own one, I definitely would feel more comfortable covered up like that...which needs to change!

Anonymous said...

I totally have the 30 day shred, and i have tried it. it is INTENSE! I'm in, if you will have me. Though I have to warn you , I've already started the weightlose challenge with agirl form school, we are 1 week in!


Anonymous said...

im so in! this sounds great.. and i agree to see up dates! bye bye winter weight hello sexy shape!