Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just a little housekeeping....

to my new followers - I heart you all.

to the month of JUNE.....

where in the hell did YOU come from? Seriously. Wasn't it just Christmas yesterday?

To all of you in Canada, who may live under a rock, I feel it is my duty as a blogger and twihard that I inform you that:


They actually appeared online LAST night. SO I was obviously all over that shit. As were my friends who are only a quarter as crazy as I am. I LOVE you guys. See you at 12:01am. Except not. Because you can be sure I will hightail my ass there a week in advance. ok not really but you know what im talkin about!

In celebration of Eclipse tickets NOW being on sale in Canada - I give you THESE.

you two best be mackin ALL the f'n time in Eclipse.

that shirt better be coming off.
although ive realized the odds of this are 1 in 1,000000000

leg hitch FTMFW

Moving along.

Today being June 1st, as part of "housekeeping" I flipped over the calendar only to see

Yeah. No. I put up with that shit in April.

SO using a copy of Tribute magazine and a ticket stub to The Runaways, I did THIS

MUCH better. NO puppy. All is well in my bedroom again.

Moving along.

I have a beef and I want to vent. Its my blog. SO you bet your ass I'm venting.


I chose this photo because:
a) I don't want to post the photos in question
b) Alex Skarsgard is fuckhawt.

So today, photos were posted of KStew and the Puppy leaving Sydney airport. In short, they sickened me. And its been said punches were being thrown and shit was going down? WTF. I do NOT support paparazzi harrassing celebrities for the perfect photo. I would rather NOT see photos of Kristen and Rob doing shit than have to see photos of them looking like trapped animals.


THIS is fine. THIS as we all know makes me smile for days.
NEITHER one of them looks like they want to cry in this photo. If anything, they are probably thinking how long until we get to the hotel so we can start covering every surface of it with our sweat. Yes?

And honestly, I'm kinda sad Rob was not with Kristen in Australia. You know, to protect her. As he ALWAYS does when they are traveling together.

Because clearly Taylor did NOT rise to the opportunity to protect the Stew.

See who is doing the protecting here? ROB.
See who is just standing there awkwardly? PUPPY.

If you are like me, you took a minute out of your day today to ponder why the puppy didn't - you know - go all Sharkboy on those paparazzi asses. read: I really don't have a life.

Well I figured it out. He was probably TOO concerned with protecting THESE:

dear taylor.
you could have used those as a shield to protect stewie.
why else do you think you are on rob's payroll?


I need to talk about THIS:

KStew. I love you and I love that dress. But mostly I love you. And I love that you flipped the paparazzi the birdies. You made us fans proud. Even if you pissed off the rest of the world in doing so. It only made us love you more. True story.


Jayde said...

Your face in that photo is fucking CLASSIC!!! Loves it.
I saw the KStew pics from Sydney, too. It makes me sad, because everyone always says how much nicer the paps are here.
The look on her face was heartbreaking!
And I, too, wish Rob had been here to Oz. But purely for selfish reasons... Then again, I'm kinda glad he wasn't. My jealousy over people seeing K was bad enough, if Rob had been here too I probably would've seen red!
And her yellow mini?! LOVE!!

ChronicNerd said...

Yay! So excited!!! I also want her outfit ThatIsAll

JWink22 said...

I just started following your blog today. So HI!!! It's pure WIN! Love it already. I created one yesterday. Look you might want to have a lil peek. Promise it will get better as I get used to blogger. This is the first time I've ever done this. http://randomrantsrobandkristen.blogspot.com/

So, loved the pic of you and the Jacob calendar. The exact same thing happened to me the other day. I have that exact same calendar, and I flipped it over a couple of days ago. I was like, "seriously??? wasn't he just on here a few months ago? FAIL!" Luv Taylor L. but want me some Edward or Bella!

Anyways, just thought I'd drop in and say hi!

C r y s t a l said...

Welcome JWink22!! I will totally head over to your blog. I can tell by the title that I will love it! Anything Robsten is bliss for me!!!

JWink22 said...

Crystal, you are officially my first follower on my blog. Congrats to you!!! lol. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Just now followed you on Twitter. Mine is JessWink22 if you wanna follow! Lookin forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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he is fat an flabby and kristen looks constepated in all her movies clearly u guys have no taste watsoever

see ya bitches

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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